A fairy-tale day: luxury couple portraits in Venice

couple kiss at Danieli Hotel's terrace during couple photo service in Venice
A strong love, a magic city and a luxurious frame…what else for a perfect couple portrait in Venice?

Visit Venice is enough to make you feel like living a fairy tale; if you are with your sweetheart, the tale gets even more perfect. This is why many couples treat themselves with a couple photo session during their stay in Venice. Svetlana and her husband did more: they added a luxurious frame to the fairy-tale.

couple hug at danieli hotel during couple portrait in venice
At the hotel the couple plaid with ancient balustrades, velvet carpets and marble stairs as background for intense couple photos…

They were enjoying a few days in Venice and hired me as their photographer to capture a special time of their love story. Everything around us looked perfect for a beautiful love story reportage: the weather was sunny, the couple was really beautiful and much in love, and they were staying at the Danieli Hotel, the most famous and luxurious hotel in the city.

couple hug in front of the lagoon during couple reportage in Venice
Out of the hotel it was Venice’s turn to work as a romantic frame for intense couple portraits..

The couple photo service started at the hotel, with a proper make-up session by the artist Lisa Semenzato. This made charming Svetlana look even more sensational.
First of all, we used the interiors of the Danieli hotel as luxurious background for some passionate couple portraits: the couple hugged on the terraces with view of the lagoon, walked along corridors covered with red carpets and marble coverings, leaned against antique stone balustrades and rested and kissed on soft velvet armchairs.

couple kiss on water taxi during couple photo portrait in Venice
A watertaxi boat ride was one more chance to capture this couple’s strong passion.

Then they got on a private boat for a short trip on the grand canale and the Venetian lagoon.
This gave them the opportunity to enjoy the view of ancient palaces, squares and monuments from a different point of view. At the same time it also helped the photographer to make some romantic couple photographs. The pictures turned out especially intense thanks to two special allies: the soft and gentle light of a mild Venetian afternoon and the strong passion that was so apparent in the couple’s gestures and expressions.

couple in water taxi during couple photo session in Venice
Intense feelings and a dreaming mood for a couple living a fairy tale day

The photos of this session will forever work as gorgeous souvenirs for Svetlana and her husband. They will forever remind the couple of a special day: the day when they made a fairy tale come true.

What about you? What is your ideal couple portrait?

Have a look at further examples of my couple portraits or contact me for your own couple photo session in Venice.

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