A fairy-tale day: luxury couple portraits in Venice

couple kiss at Danieli Hotel's terrace during couple photo service in Venice
A strong love, a magic city and a luxurious frame…what else for a perfect couple portrait in Venice?

Visit Venice is enough to make you feel like living a fairy tale; if you are with your sweetheart, the tale gets even more perfect. This is why many couples treat themselves with a couple photo session during their stay in Venice. Svetlana and her husband did more: they added a luxurious frame to the fairy-tale.

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Capturing a 10 year long love : luxury portraits

couple hugging in front of lagoon during anniversary photo service Venice
Mature, fulfilled love and romantic Venice at dawn: what else for perfect anniversary photos?

Needless to say, Venice is a perfect place for weddings and honeymoons, as you can well see from my wedding and honeymoon photo services. Nevertheless, thanks to its renowned beauty and uniqueness it also perfectly matches other kinds of romantic visits. Continue reading “Capturing a 10 year long love : luxury portraits”

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