A lovely Orthodox wedding and a lovely photo walk in Venice

Russian couple marrying in an Orthodox Church in Venice
A young Russian couple hired me to shoot their Orthodox wedding ceremony in Venice

I was lately hired by a young lovely Russian couple to shoot their Orthodox wedding in Venice. The ceremony took place in San Zan Degolà Church, one of the few Orthodox churches in Venice which I already had the chance to portray during a former wedding photo service.

Russian couple wearing crowns and holding candles during an Orthodox wedding photo service
The couple wore richly decorated crowns and held candles during the Orthodox wedding photo service

The priest welcomed us at the entrance and let the couple waiting during the last preparation works. No guest was there, which gave the whole event a very romantic flavor. The interior of the church was enlivened by colorful and golden Orthodox icons, paintings and holy objects.

The ceremony began and involved different phases which saw the couple holding candles, kissing holy objects, wearing golden crowns, walking in circle with the priest, listening to his reading of holy writings and to the choir singers’ songs.

Russian couple kissing icon during an Orthodox wedding photo service in Venice
The Church was decoated with golden and colorful icons and paintings.

Once the ceremony was over the couple treated themselves with a romantic photo walk in Venice. This gave them the chance to discover some less known spots of the city, tobe shot in alleys and on bridges,  to affix their love lock on a bridge, and even pose for some nice silhouette photographs.

Russian couple kiss during a photo walk in Venice
After the wedding ceremony the couple treated themselves with a photo walking tour in Venice which gave me the chance to shoot some nice couple photo portraits.
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