A lovely Orthodox wedding and a lovely photo walk in Venice

Russian couple marrying in an Orthodox Church in Venice
A young Russian couple hired me to shoot their Orthodox wedding ceremony in Venice

I was lately hired by a young lovely Russian couple to shoot their Orthodox wedding in Venice. The ceremony took place in San Zan Degolà Church, one of the few Orthodox churches in Venice which I already had the chance to portray during a former wedding photo service.

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Civil wedding at Garda Lake: where, when and how getting married in Desenzano del Garda

Russian bride and groom walk along the Garda lake during a honeymoon photo service
This Russian couple hired me for a photo service with wedding outfits during their honeymoon in Desenzano

Desenzano is a lovely city on the Garda Lake and is chosen by many couples to host their wedding. What do you need to do to get married here?

  1. Apply at the Mayor’s Office with a formal letter, copy of your identity documents and mention of the desired wedding date.
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Bridges in Venice: with or without love padlocks?

Russian couple throwing padlock keys in the channel during a wedding photo service in Venice
A young Russian couple lately hired me as their wedding photographer. Once the Orthodox ceremony was over, I shot some photographs of the couple walking in Venice and locking a padlock on a bridge.

A recent trend all over Europe has couples affixing padlocks on bridges as a symbol for their ever-lasting love. In Italy this habit was influenced by Federico Moccia’s novel “I want you” which has two young lovers fixing a padlock on the Milvio Bridge in Rome and throwing the key in the Tiber.

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Honeymoon photo shooting: a dancing bridal veil at Garda Lake

bride and groom playing with veil during honeymoon photo session at Garda Lake
During this honeymoon photo service at Garda Lake the bride and the groom accepted my suggestion to play with the bridal veil.

Last September a nice just-married Russian couple hired me as a honeymoon photographer to shoot them on the background of Garda Lake in Desenzano. Since the wedding had already taken place in Russia, they just wore their wedding dresses again in their hotel room, walked along the lake and posed for some shots in some romantic spots.

just-married couple shot at Desenzano at Garda Lake by honeymoon photographer
This honeymoon photo service enclosed some shots in romantic spots at Garda Lake

In order to make the photo session more dynamic and funny, I suggested the bride to play with her veil and let it dance in the air: she was glad to do it and her husband contributed to the dance. The dance began at the hotel and went on during the whole session: at the lakeside, at the lighthouse, in the gardens, etc.

Russian couple kissing at Garda Lake during a couple photo portrait
As a honeymoon photographer I enjoy enlive my photographs with creative ideas and suggestions.

This is a nice example of how a little detail and a creative idea can turn a common couple photo session into some really pleasant hours and unique shots.  

bride and groom walking along Garda Lake while posing for honeymoon photographer
The young couple I shot at Desenzano enjoyed very much my idea of playing with the bridal veil during our honeymoon photo session

On my website you can see some more examples of honeymoon photo sessions.

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