Civil wedding for a couple with children

I personally find very special when the couple that is getting married already has children, this multiplies the intensity of the emotions and makes my job as wedding photographer even more stimulating since there are multiple stories to translate into images.

In this spring wedding in Venice the couple comes from France and they had two different but very close apartments to use for their getting ready part, this allowed me to cover them almost simultaneously.
In the one of the bride her mother and her daughter added to the intensity of the moment.

Right after they were ready I got surprised by the intensity of their first look, they approached one each other across the corner of an house and when they met I’m confided that many many memories of their years together were them with the bride and the groom.

A short walk to Palazzo Cavalli and there the ceremony proceeded according to the standard formula, again kids made a big difference witnessing the union of their parents.

A brilliant idea I recommend to other couples looking for ideas concerning their wedding in Venice was the one to plan for. a water taxi ride to the restaurant: this allowed to enjoy Venice by the water and to reach in a very enjoyable way the venue for the lunch.

This is the online gallery with more images from this Civil Wedding in Venice.

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