Same sex honeymoon photography in Venice

same sex couple hugging in honeymoon photo portrait in Venice
Thanks to the magic sunset light, the background of Venice and the couple’s passion I could take intense photographs of this just-married couple.

Working as a professional portrait and  wedding photographer I often come across couples shining with happiness and almost ‘filled’ with passion. Lately it was the turn of Courtney and Kari, an American couple, whose feelings were not second to any other couple I have ever worked for but as a change from the usual routine they were both female. I’m proud to be a LGBT+ friendly photographer in Venice.

same sex couple hugging during honeymoon photo service in Venice
Courtney and Kari stopped to hug and kiss along channels, on bridges and squares enjoying Venice’s romantic atmosphere. .

They got married in New York since the US state where they live does not allow same-sex weddings. After the ceremony they treated themselves with a romantic honeymoon trip to Venice and hired me for a honeymoon photo session.

same sex couple holding hands during honeymoon photo session in Venice
As the light was turning softer I captured the couple’s harmony into some passionate photographs.

I met them at Hotel Dell’Opera in the early afternoon and we walked throughout Dorsoduro district exploring some of the less known areas of Venice. The couple walked hand in hand, stopped to hug under arcades or rest together along the channels.

They also enjoyed a short break at a typical Venetian wine bar. Their faces and gestures showed plenty of tenderness and harmony…just like any other just-married couple I had previously captured in my photo portraits.

same sex couple resting during honeymoon photo session in Venice
During the honeymoon photo session the couple enjoyed a break at a local typical wine bar.

In the meanwhile light was turning softer and softer and I tried to make the most of it to get some romantic photographs. As the sunset fall down we stopped for a few more couple portraits in front of the Chiesa della Salute: the sky was turning darker and the couple seemed to fill the scene with the light of their passion…

couple resting after honeymoon photo service in Venice
At the end of the photo session Courtney and Kari were completely at ease with me and my camera and I could take some more creative couple photographs.

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