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  • Same sex honeymoon photography in Venice

    Working as a professional portrait and  wedding photographer I often come across couples shining with happiness and almost ‘filled’ with passion. Lately it was the turn of Courtney and Kari, an American couple, whose feelings were not second to any other couple I have ever worked for but as a change from the usual routine […]

  • A very elegant honeymoon photo service: from Canada with love

    Jessica and Trent are a nice Canadian couple which hired me for a honeymoon photo shooting during their short stay in Venice. This young couple shined out for their refined beauty, intense love for one another and the elegance of their outfit.

  • A surprising honeymoon photo shooting: the story of a bride and her bag

    One advantage of working as a professional photographer for couples enjoying their holidays or honeymoon in Italy is that I often come across some nice stories which happen during the shooting sessions. Last year I had the chance to enjoy an informal photo walk in Venice with a young Russian couple who after some shots in […]

  • Smart souvenirs of your photo session: inspiration boards

    Inspiration boards used to be (and still are) real boards made of cork or other materials, filled with photographs, scratches of newspapers and pieces of fabrics, that hang up on a rooms’ walls. They were mostly used by creative professionals  to better collect ideas and materials and create a kind of visual description of the […]

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