A very elegant honeymoon photo service: from Canada with love

canadian couple shot during a honeymoon photo service in Venice
Jessica and Trent, a Canadian couple, hired me for a honeymoon photo shooting in Venice.

Jessica and Trent are a nice Canadian couple which hired me for a honeymoon photo shooting during their short stay in Venice. This young couple shined out for their refined beauty, intense love for one another and the elegance of their outfit.

Candain couple kissing during a photo walk in Venice
We strolled in Venice enjoying a perfect photo walk and stopping in squares, alleys and on bridges.

We enjoyed a perfect photo walking tour in Venice in a sunny yet cold day. We strolled along Venetian alleys and I had them pose  on bridges, under arcades, in front of old palaces’ entrances or else I let them enjoy each other’s company, hugs and kisses as an invisible spectator.

Canadian couple hugging in front on the Venetian lagoon during a honeymoon photo shooting
We also stopped in Venice’s most famous and romantic spots during our informal honeymoon photo shooting.

We stopped in Venice’s most famous places, such as San Marco Square, but also visited more hidden spots. The shots I took were  made more colorful by Jessica’s changing of outfit (with gorgeous white, black and golden dresses) and the changes of light during the day: they will be a nice souvenir for the couple after their return to Canada.

canadian couple strolling in Venice during a honeymoon photo shooting
During our informal photo walk in Venice, we had both informal shots and photographs of the couple posing in romantic spots.

Venetian people stopped now and then to watch this elegant couple who looked like to be completely at ease wearing light clothes during a winter day…which was probably due to their being used to much colder weather in Canada!

Canadian couple hugging under an arcade during honeymoon photo service in Venice
I portrayed the couple in some hidden spots in Venice like small arcades we met during our informal photo shooting

For further examples of honeymoon photo shootings see my website.

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