4 reasons to have your suprise marriage proposal in Venice

would-be husband proposes during surprise engagement photo session in venice
Unique backgrounds and intense romanticism: these are the additives Venice offers to your proposal…a special mix for success!

If you have already decided to propose to your sweetheart, you just need to find the ideal place.

Of course you can choose a place that is closely related to your love story, making the most of the sweet memories you attached to it. On the other hand, you might go for a special place, one you are not so familiar with. You might prefer a stunning destination, to enhance the surprise effect for your future wife and make her enthralled by the whole situation.

As a professional engagement proposal photographer I experienced plenty of times that Venice works wonders to this purpose. Why?

gentleman proposes on a bridge during wedding proposal photo servcie in venice
A simple bridge might work as a perfect place to propose (and get extraordinary photos): that’s Venice’s magic!

1. Romantic and exotic: Needless to say Venice is one of the most romantic places in the world. It naturally makes couple melt with romanticism and tenderness and it is an ideal place to spend a short holiday for any couple. Beside, if you are not from Northern Italy you might not be very familiar with this unique city and this might be a chance to explore and appreciate its special beauty. Indeed, the engagement might be a nice pretext for a delightful holiday, and the holidays a nice pretext for an unforgettable engagement.

couple kissing during couple portraits in Venice
Any square in Venice might work as a great location for a surprise engagement proposal in Venice…and spring can add a some beautiful blossoming flowers

2. Convenient in all seasons: you might arrange an engagement in Venice at any time of the year. As already explained in this blog, spring and summer offer bright sun, blossoming vegetation and long days for visitors; but autumn and winter also have their charm, letting you enjoy the unique poetic winter light of Venice or the funny experience of high water (as well as interesting hotel rates in these times). In any case, Venice is ideal in any season for loving couple.

couple kisisng during couple photo service venice
Venice is full of secret spots which can be used as places to propose and for sweet engagement photos thereafter.

3. Intimate and easy: beside the most famous and crowded places, Venice offers many less known places where you can enjoy the city’s beauty and your sweetheart’s company in full privacy. You can just carelessly walk with her, then stop and fall down on your news in any spot you feel like to. There are many “secret” spots offering great view on channels, the lagoon, or hidden courtyards. You can choose one of them in advance or go back to a place that caught your attention the day before. I also noticed that walking make thing easier for would-be husbands. And after the proposal, a nice photo walk is a great way to ensure romantic, intense couple portraits of a unique day.

couple kiss during surprise proposal photo session
Both famous spots and secret places works as perfect background for romantic engagement photos

4. You have a contact there: beside offering my services as an engagement photographer, I am happy to help you with the selection of the proposal’s location as well as with the visit of off-the-beaten-tracks places in Venice. These “secret spots” of the city might also work as gorgeous background for sweet couple portraits.

Anything else? I guess that after your engagement in Venice, you would be able to add further advantages on the list.

Have a look at further examples of my engagement photo services and contact me for your own surprise proposal photo session in Venice.

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