The bride with red shoes: creative wedding photos in Milan

asian couple kissing during wedding reportage in Milan
Informal, creative and young: so looked this couple during their wedding photo session in Milan

A young Asian couple lately got married in Milan and chose a very creative formula for this special day. They had a private wedding ceremony and booked a wedding photo service to take place thereafter. Why ?

couple walking under arcade during wedding photo session in Milan
A relaxing walk in the Vittorio Emanuele Arcade right in Milan’s downtown: the best way to start an informal wedding photo service

Because they wanted to get photographed when the stressful time was over. They wanted the wedding photographer capture their strong emotions and passion for each other in an informal setting and at an informal time.
This is why the bride booked a make-up artist after the ceremony, wore a pair of beautiful red shoes and get ready to start a photo walk in Milan in a completely different mood.
Indeed, when the couple began walking along the Vittorio Emanuele Arcade, their faces showed no sign of tension: they looked shining with love and excitement.

bride and groom with pigeons during wedding photo session in Milan
High spirits and many pigeons: the right ingredients for creative and intense couple portraits!

Feeling perfectly at ease and relaxed, they enjoyed the view of luxury shops and famous monuments; they stopped several times to kiss and hug; they continuously looked in each other’s eyes and smiled happy.
They enjoyed playing with pigeons in Duomo Square, hiding in secret corners to exchange passionate kisses, and watching funny wall paintings along the way.

couple kiss during wedding photo service in milan
Ancient monuments and quiet corners: all worked well to kiss, hug, and get romantic wedding photos

In such high spirits they headed the Sforza Castle to enjoy the green areas of the Sempione park and be photographed in romantic portraits with natural backgrounds.
The couple photos well capture the couple’s young, creative and informal style to an extent that might not be possible to get during the wedding ceremony.

bride and groom in monument during wedding photo service in Milan
Creative poses in the green for this young and original couple photographed in Milan

What about you? What is your idea of a perfect wedding photo session?
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