Anniversary photos in Venice: celebrating success

couple kiss during wedding anniversary photo service in venice
Gorgeous lagoon views and secret spots both worked as perfect background for romantic portraits for this couple’s anniversary in Venice

When it comes to celebrate long-term wedding anniversaries, husbands and wives might get in trouble. After having been living together for many years, they almost gave everything as present to their beloved ones, and might run short of ideas.

This is why a short couple holiday in a romantic place might be a good option. A loving husband or wife might organize a surprise trip to a place they never visited before or else to some place they liked a lot in the past. Venice works well in both cases and a couple holiday in this city cannot be but a very welcome present for any beloved one.

couple sitting in San Marco Square during anniversary photo servcie in venice
Maximum privacy and quietness for this couple that began the anniversary photo session at sunrise

Then you have plenty of option to “enrich” the surprise and make the anniversary unforgettable. Some husbands or wives book luxurious hotel in Venice for a very comfortable stay; others look for special restaurants to dine with their sweetheart; others might even hire traditional Venetian Carnival costumes for an amusing experience and perhaps get captured in creative couple portraits, etc.

couple kiss during anniversary photo session in Venice
The view of Venice’s lagoon and mature, self-confident love: a perfect mix for passionate couple portraits!


A loving couple I lately met chose to celebrate their wedding anniversary in a way that fitted their style: they wanted quietness, loneliness and time for themselves in an enchanting environment.

This is why they booked a professional anniversary photo service at dawn. We met in San Marco Square at sunrise and made the most of the quiet environment. The couple walked in the empty square, under the arcades of Palazzo Ducale, kissed and hugged feeling extremely at ease as they could enjoy maximum privacy at this time of the day. They sat down next to the sea to admire the lagoon’s and the nearby islands’ beauty. They even relaxed for a while on the empty chairs of a still closed café.

couple poses during anniversary photo portrait
The dawn of a day and the summer of love: perfect environment for an anniversary photo session


The couple photographs shot at this time show their mature, self-confident and trustful love. The nervous, super-excited expressions so typical of wedding or engagement photos are not there: at their place one finds serene, satisfied and happy looks. We then made a short tour of some secret spots in Venice to get a few more passionate couple portraits which even better show the couple’s strong feelings and joy. Indeed their fulfilled expressions well portray the kind of success every married couple would like to achieve: intense love and harmony after many years.

couple hug during anniversary pirtrait in Venice
A short walk in the less known sposts of Venice was the ideal chance to get a few more intense portraits of this successful couple

What about you? What is your idea of a successful wedding? And of a great anniversary? Have a look at further examples of my couple portraits or contact me for your own anniversary photo service in Venice. [contact-form-7 id=”1555″ title=”Contact form 1″]

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