How to make her smile: a birthday photo session in Milan

lady walks during portrait photo service in Milan
It makes her smile and feel special….what works better than a portrait session as a birthday present?
Loving husbands are always looking for nice presents for their wives, aren’t they? Or at least they are looking for a special present when their wives’ birthday is approaching…
Lately a very loving and creative husband contacted me to arrange a portrait photo session in Milan for her wife. Indeed, he had already organized a gorgeous present for this occasion: a trip to Italy and a romantic holiday for the two of them. But he felt this was not enough.

lady get ready before portrait photo service in Milan
The new experience of a portrait session started in the lady’s hotel room with the help of a make-up artist and an elegant dress

He wanted to keep long-lasting memories of this special time; he wanted to be able to share these memories with relatives and friends at home; and, last but not least, he wanted a present able to highlight his wife’s beauty and make her feel special.

This is why he booked a portrait photo service during they stay in Milan. He found that Italy’s fashion capital was the ideal place to portray his wife’s own beauty and elegance.
lady poses next to Piazza Duomo during portrait photo session in Milan
A view of Piazza Duomo from Vittorio Emanuele Arcade, next to the couple’s hotel

Needless to say, he hit the mark: his wife was overjoyed for the surprise and felt very excited about this new experience.

She got prepared with the help of a professional make-up artist (Francesca Rossi) in her room at Park Hyatt hotel surrounded by beautiful flowers his husband offered to her. Wearing an elegant colorful dress, she enjoyed a special breakfast and a drink in the hotel’s garden. Then she walked out of the hotel, posing for a few portraits next to some of the most famous fashion stores along the Vittorio Emanuele Arcade.
lady poses during portrait photo service in Milan
The lady enjoyed a short visit to Milan’s fashion and shopping districts during our photo walk in the city

Later she changed her attire and we started a photo walk in Milan city centre, exploring the shopping areas as well as some historical monuments such as the Sforza Castle. The couple enjoyed a short relaxing break in Parco Sempione gardens and a drink in an open-air bar. The couple portraits well capture how they looked deeply in-love and very happy about their holiday, but the lady was definitely the protagonist of the day. The photos well show how she was feeling deeply loved and excited about being the star of the day…and grateful for receiving such a great present!

couple kissing during portrait photo session in Milan
The portrait session was also the chance to make a few romantic couple photos in Milan

The shine in her eyes was enough to make her husband satisfied with his surprise and the portrait photographer happy with the photos!

What about you? What is your idea of a perfect birthday photo?
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