Burano: A wedding party on a boat

couple kissing in Burano during wedding reportage venice
Color was one of the main ingredients of a very successful wedding recipe…and very beautiful wedding photos!

Weddings are usually very exciting for brides and the grooms. They are living an unforgettable day and experiencing very intense feelings and a wedding reportage  is meant to capture this special moment of passionate happiness.
The same is not always true for the guests. Due to the wedding schedule or different levels of intimacy with the couple, guests might not enjoy the day to the full.
This was definitely not the case of Matteo’s and Olya’s wedding as they managed to make the day unforgettable and enjoyable for all the guests

As it well shown in their wedding photography, their wedding was very creative, amusing and masterly combined beauty and fun for everyone.

How did they manage that?

bride ona  boat during wedding reportage in Venice
The couple and the guests reached Venice downtown on a rented boat

They made the most of some simple yet very effective ingredients:
Colors: Olya’s and Matteo’s wedding was a riot of colors. Yellow was the sunflower they used as eye-catching signal for showing the way to all guests. Blue were the sky and the sea that accompanied their boat trip after the ceremony at Palazzo Cavalli. Green and violet were the decorations in the boat’s interiors and on the banquet tables; colorful were the guests’ outfits as they probably shared the couple’s love for colored shades.

groom and bride kissing walking during wedding photo service in Venice
The couple in their refined yet simple outfit walked along the streets of Venice with a colorful sunflower showing the way to Palazzo Cavalli to all their guests

Colored were also the sugared almonds at the banquet; and last but not least, the place they chose for spending most of the day is the most colorful island in the world: Burano Island with its houses sporting plenty of colours.

bride and groom kiss during civil wedding ceremony venice
Color and passion filled the wedding hall!

Creativity: the day’s schedule was the result of a few excellent ideas which really made the wedding fresh and enjoyable. The couple rented a boat to transport themselves and the guests to Venice downtown; they chose a sunflower to show the way to reach on foot Palazzo Cavalli hosting the wedding ceremony; they offered the guests a banquet on board while sailing to Burano Island, providing all people with one more gorgeous location to spend the rest if the day; and the place also proved ideal for some romantic couple portraits.
Elegant simplicity: nothing was extreme or luxurious at Olya’s and Matteo’s wedding.

boat interior during wedding reportage in Venice
The wedding banquet took place on the rented boat and it was again a riot of colors

Nevertheless every detail looked simple yet elegant. So looked the bride’s make-up, bouquet, and her short, simple wedding gown trimmed with lace; the same can be said for the groom’s light brown elegant suit which well combined with his dreadlocks. Simple yet refined also looked the decorations on the boat, in the wedding hall and in the Burano surroundings.

couple kisisng in Burano during wedding reportage in venice
The wedding part went on in Burano, the most colorful island ever!

Needless to say Venice and Burano definitely plaid a role in making the wedding enjoyable and unforgettable for everyone.
Furthermore Olya and Matteo can now enjoy intense wedding photos showing an overjoyed couple and very very happy guests.

What about you? What is your idea of a creative and exciting wedding?
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