Honeymoon portraits in Rome..with ancient and modern Romans!

couple kiss during honeymoon photo service in Rome
A last sweet kiss to end a very romantic (and amusing) honeymoon photo session in Rome

An amazing couple had a taste of “Dolce Vita” during their honeymoon holiday in Rome. They made the most of a honeymoon photo session to discover many of the city’s attractions and get themselves portrayed with gorgeous backgrounds.

The bride wore her bridal gown again (while choosing a more comfortable pair of shoes) and the couple walked carelessly along the streets of Rome, admiring its ancient monuments and breathtaking views.

couple strolling in Circo Massimo during honeymoon photo service in Rome
Chariots and gladiators only left a green romantic setting behind them, ideal for a portraying a just-married couple in love

They strolled in the Circo Massimo fields, trying to imagine the chariots racing there in ancient times. They crossed some of the famous bridges on the Tiber, stopped to enjoy the view from there, then walked along the riverbanks.

couple walk near ancient statue during honeymoom portrait in Rome
Huge antique statues welcome the couple in the Eternal City…but they are not the only ones!

We visited the Coliseum area and watched the Foro (the ancient marketplace and site for official processions, elections, gladiatorial matches and trials) from above. The kissed in front of Castel Sant’Angelo’s imposing structure which was first intended as Emperor Hadrian’s mausoleum and then turned into the Popes’ fortress and castle.

bride enjoys view from bridge during honeymoon photo session in Rome
A look at Rome from one of the bridges crossing the Tiber River..and it is love at first sight!

Needless to say, all these places provided great scenarios for romantic couple portraits, which were able to capture the bride’s and groom’s strong passion and shining happiness. Their mutual love and the eternal city’s beauty seemed to fill them with excitement, joy and confidence in the future.
But that was not all. This kind of feelings seemed to have an influence on the people around them which stopped to admire their beauty and the bridal dress, take picture of them, cheer them and even get photographed with them. Romans can be very welcoming.

couple kissing next to Tiber River during honeymoon photography session in Rome
Passionate kisses and hugs for a couple enjoying their mutual love and a city’s beauty at the same time

It was a nice way for the couple to enjoy both the ancient and the modern city, experiencing the “real” Romans’ welcoming and passionate attitude. It was a nice way to share their happiness with other people and getting in touch with the everyday life of Rome’s inhabitants.

just-married coupel get photographed with Romans during honeymoon photo service in Rome
It was modern Romans’ passionate and welcoming attitude that turned this honeymoon photo service in something more than a couple portrait!

As the sun was going down, the couple nevertheless had the chance to enjoy some time by themselves and one last sweet kiss was captured in very romantic and “epic” portraits.
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