Churches and worship places in Venice: where, when, how and….how many?

Orthodox church in Venice hosting a wedding photo service
Venice hosts numerous worship places for different religions: here you see the Russian-Orthodox Church of San Giovanni Decollato

There are numerous worship places in Venice: when you walk along alleys and squares (for instance during an engagement, wedding or honeymoon photo service) you will pass by one of them every few minutes. The majority is made up of Catholic churches scattered among the boroughs (“sestieri”) of Venice and open at daytime, usually from 10.00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

To enter and visit the most of the churches you will asked to pay an entrance ticket, which costs a few Euros, unless you buy the so called “Chorus Pass” which allows you to visit 16 churches (including the famous Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari and Santa Maria Formosa churches) at a total price of 10 Euros.

couple jumping in San Marco square during a honeymoon photo service in Venice
The Basilica di San Marco is one of the most famous churches in Venice and can work as gorgeous background to shoot nice couple photographs.

It is definitely a good idea to devote some time to visit at least a few Venetian churches since you will find gorgeous pieces of art inside: frescoes and paintings by famous artists, ancient choirs and statues, which are often related to legends, traditions and historical figures.

A few more churches and worship places are located in the Lido area and on the islands of the lagoon: not only in the biggest ones (Murano, Burano and Torcello), but also on more remote small islands. In some cases, such as for the wonderful San Francesco del Deserto monastery, you have to rent a private boat to reach them.

Jewish couple wearing traditional attire during a honeymoon photo shooting in Venice
This Jewish couple gave me the chance to stroll with them in the ghetto district in Venice, which hosted the Jewish population duing the Republic of Venice and still has 5 synagogues. They were wearing traditional Jewish clothes during their honeymoon photo shooting.

The city also hosts worship places dedicated to other religions: in the Ghetto area (the first ghetto in Europe, the place where Jews were forced to live during the Venetian Republic) you find 5 synagogues which are also open to public for visit. One also finds an Evangelic Lutheran Church (the so-called “Scuola dell’Angelo Custode”), an Evangelical Waldesian and Methodist church, an Anglican church (Saint George), a few Armen-catholic churches and orthodox churches. This kind of churches are in most cases only open during services, therefore you have better to schedule your visit on Sundays or get proper information in advance.

Russian couple getting married in an Orthodox church during a wedding photo shooting in Venice
A wedding photo service for a Russian couple gave me the chance to shoot the ceremony in a traditional Orthodox Church in Venice

Thanks to my job as a professional photographer for engagement, honeymoon, weddings and couple photoportraits I had the opportunity to experience Venice’s multicultural nature and visit many of its worship places: I strolled with a Jewish couple in traditional attire the Ghetto during a honeymoon photo shooting, portrayed a traditional wedding in the small Orthodox Church of San Giovanni Decollato (called “San Zan Degolà” by Venetian people), shot many couple photographs with the background of one or another Venetian church during several informal photo walks….

Taiwanese couple standing on a terrace during a pre-wedding photo shooting in Venice
The Santa Maria della Salute church offers an ideal background to shoot some nice couple photographs in Venice.

My favorite church one is perhaps the Santa Maria della Salute Church, which was offered to Saint Mary by the Republic of Venice in the 17th century after the city experienced an unusually devastating plague epidemy. The place offers a very nice background from the Academia bridge and works as a nice romantic spot for couple photographs with view of San Marco Square, the Canal Grande, the Giudecca and San Giorgio islands or the Church itself: that is why I shot some couples there.

Russian couple kissing during an engagement photo service with the background of san Giorgio island.
The Chiesa della Salute church is located in Punta della Dogana, an ideal place to shoot photographs with the background of the Venetian lagoon and the San Giorgio island (and its churches), as you can see in this engagement photograph.

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