Honeymoon photos: staging a love play in Venice

Russian couple hugging in photo walk in Venice
The passionate and energetic attitude of this Russian couple allowed me to take some intense couple portraits and arose the passers-by’s  attention

Svetlana and Konstantin  treated themselves with a honeymoon trip and a photo walk in Venice. Since we first met at their top-class hotel Locanda Vivaldi near San Marco Square, I enjoyed their passionate and energetic attitude : they were shining with happiness and love for each other and ready to see the funny side of life.

Russian couple jumping during honeymoon photo service in Venice
The couple enjoyed trying funny poses, playing with each other and even jumping!


We strolled along Venetian alleys, squares and bridges in a relaxed mood and I made the most of their easiness and irony to make some spontaneous and intense couple portraits. I captured  them kissing in romantic spots, playing with the wedding gowns, hugging on desert alleys and even jumping to express their joy.

bride standing in front of hotel window in Venice
We took some photos at Locanda Vivaldi hotel near Piazza San Marco

I let them enjoy a break in a café, then tried my best to get original couple photos by adding special photographic effects.

couple dancing in honeymoon photo reportage in Venice
The couple enjoyed dancing in Piazza San Marco while the sky was getting dark
Russian couple posing in honeymoon photo service in venice
Svetlana’s and Konstantin’s easy-going attitude allowed me to take creative photos even at dusk.


We went back to the hotel, they changed their attire and we took some photographs with the couple showing at the window. Then we headed back to Piazza San Marco for a few more romantic couple portraits at dusk with the sky turning dark and the city lights turning on one by one….
Svetlana and Konstantin again enjoyed playing with the bridal veil, trying funny poses and laughing at each other…which was much appreciated by lots of passers-by who stopped to look at them!
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