A colourful vows renewal reportage with special bridesmaids

couple kissing during vows renewal photo walk in Venice
The daughters of the couple performing vows renewal were both main and side characters of their parents’ love story

This American couple chose Venice as the destination for their vows renewal ceremony hired me as their photographer.
It was clear a strong relationship blessed by enduring passion and mutual understatement. With couples that renew their vows  after many years I’m always charmed by the strengths of their feelings, and I try to portray their love in images.
What set them apart was their family: they were accompanied by two daughters .

bridesmaids jumping and couple hugging in vows renewal photo service in Venice
The girls helped me to make joyful family portraits

The girls’  garments and youthful energy gave me an opportunity to take some creative colourful photos: I had the family run all together, walk along the city while hugging one each other and jumping . I tried to capture the family feelings radiating from their gestures.

family running in vows renewal photo reportage
The girls and their parents enjoyed playing – and running – Harmony in family photographs

The girls seemed to enjoy their role both as main and side characters of their parents’ love story; the couple was proud of their company; and the photographer was happy with this dynamic balance of sweet family emotions!

family sitting on stairs in vows renewal photo session in Venice
When they posed as a group, I could capture their strong family feelings.

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