Couple photographs …with a creative frame!

Russian couple holding hands during a honeymoon photo service in Rapallo
Adding a frame to a couple photograph gives the impression of looking at them from an hidden place

While portraying a couple’s physical outlook, personality and feelings for each other, couple photographs are intended to be beautiful images to look at in the years to come.

There are several techniques to get nice portraits which can meet a couple’s expectations by mirroring their distinctive traits and fixing their passion in everlasting pictures.

Russian girl posing for honeymoon photo portrait in Venice
To create an original frame for a couple portrait one can use architectural, natural and even human elements!

For instance, one could set the portrait in a natural environment or in an exotic background (this is often the case for wedding and honeymoon photographs); choose an original perspective (like photographing from above) or a special time (like sunrise or sunset); add nice details (such as the bridal veil) or garments loved by the couple; use the silhouette effect.

Plants might work as well as frames for creative couple photographs

One can also put the couple’s image into a creative frame by using architectural (a bridge’s slats, columns) or natural (plants, flowers) elements.

This provides an original point of view and gives the impression we are looking at the couple from a hidden place. It also adds a pleasant decoration to the picture.

Russian couple hugging on a bridge during honeymoon photo session in Venice
By using architectural elements as frames for couple photo portraits one can get original perspectives.

Which frame would you like to use for your own couple portrait?

Have a look at further examples of my couple photographs.


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