What makes a same-sex honeymoon photo service different?

same-sex couple hug during couple portrait in Venice
A same-sex honeymoon photo service  portraying  couple’s joy and passion.. just like any other  photo session!

Lately a just-married same-sex couple from Hong Kong contacted me for a honeymoon photo session in Venice. The two brides were enjoying a short holiday and wished to get romantic photographs capturing a special moment of their love story.

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Same sex honeymoon photography in Venice


same sex couple hugging in honeymoon photo portrait in Venice
Thanks to the magic sunset light, the background of Venice and the couple’s passion I could take intense photographs of this just-married couple.

Working as a professional portrait and  wedding photographer I often come across couples shining with happiness and almost ‘filled’ with passion. Lately it was the turn of Courtney and Kari, an American couple, whose feelings were not second to any other couple I have ever worked for but as a change from the usual routine they were both female.

Italy is not yet a country were to celebrate same-sex weddings but for honeymoons is an awesome destination.

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