What makes a same-sex honeymoon photo service different?

same-sex couple hug during couple portrait in Venice
A same-sex honeymoon photo service  portraying  couple’s joy and passion.. just like any other  photo session!

Lately a just-married same-sex couple from Hong Kong contacted me for a honeymoon photo session in Venice. The two brides were enjoying a short holiday and wished to get romantic photographs capturing a special moment of their love story.

juts-married girls hug during same-sex photo service in Venice
The two girls felt enough at ease to play jokes, hug, and dance during our honeymoon photo session in Venice

We met at their hotel and the couple was wearing their beautiful bride and groom gowns. We strolled along the Venetian alleys and under arcades and they posed next to the channels and on bridges for some couple portraits. Their joy and love for each other was conspicuous in their passionate glances, tender gestures and loving smiles.

just-married girls drink coffee during honeymoon photo session in Venice
While resting in a café, my photographs captured the couple’s tender feelings and confident happiness.

They enjoyed exploring Venice’s shops, and felt at ease enough to play jokes with one another, jump and dance: their passion was shining despite rain.

They rested in a café, never stopping to smile and look at each other, then went back to the hotel and chose a more casual attire for an informal photo walk in Venice.

couple walking during informal couple portrait in Venice
After changing their attire, the couple enjoyed an informal photo walk in some less-konwn areas of Venice

Capturing their love in a few more romantic couple portraits, I felt that nothing was different from a two-sex honeymoon photo session: the same feelings of satisfied happiness and vibrant passion were the main subject as it is the case in all honeymoon portraits.

same-sex couple kiss during honeymoon photo service in Venice
At the end of their photo walk, I made a few more romantic couple portraits at sunset in Venice.

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