How does fog change a pre-wedding photo service in Venice?

couple hugging during pre-wedding photo session in Venice
Fog contributed to capture the passion of an American-Vietnamese couple enjoying a pre-wedding photo service in Venice

As you can see from many of my couple portraits, Venice is an ideal place for romantic photographs all year round. A professional photographer can make the most of the weather to make original pictures in all seasons, using rain in spring, light in winter, sunset or sunrise in summer, etc.

In winter and early spring, fog might be a strategic ally for romantic photos.

couple posing for romantic portrait in Venice
While posing for a few romantic portraits in the fog, the couple looked like characters of a fairy tale.

This was the case of an American-Vietnamese couple who chose Venice as the background for a pre-wedding photo service. We met at sunrise when the city was still fully enveloped by a thick fog which, by softening sounds, colors and edges, created a magic, mysterious and very romantic atmosphere.

couple sit on a bench during pre-wedding photo service in Venice
The couple enjoyed perfect privacy in the fog. They felt at ease and their portraits stand out for their intense passion.

The couple enjoyed perfect privacy which made them at ease.While posing in front of churches, next to channels, under arcades, or even on the lonely gondolas, they looked like characters of a fairy tale and their passion stand out as especially intense.

couple kiss among gondolas during couple portrait in Venice
Enjoying the early morning’s peace, the couple could pose among the sleeping gondolas waiting for the beginning of a new workday.

We ended up our couple photo service in Piazza San Marco, where they even felt energetic enough to jump and laugh for a few more original portraits.

couple standing in Piazza San Marco for romantic couple portrait in Venice
The couple posed in the empty Piazza San Marco for a few more romantic photographs.

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