Style is their thing: reportage of an elegant wedding in Venice

couple hug during wedding photo reportage in Venice
Dorothy and David chose very elegant garments and refined details for their wedding in Venice

Dorothy and David are a charming British couple who choose for themselves a very intimate wedding ceremony in Venice. Intimate yet special for many reasons.

couple holding hands during wedding photo reportage in Venice
The couple attended the civil wedding ceremony in the ancient Palazzo Cavalli where I captured their slightly nervous joy .

First, the couple definitely have style. They wore elegant garments and chose very original and refined details: a vintage-flavor hat for Dorothy, a white rose on the jacket for David, cuff links with a double-D logo.

Secondly, they choose to celebrate the wedding on the same day of their anniversary,  thus making it twice as important for the rest of their life. The ceremony  was celebrated in the gorgeous frame of Palazzo Cavalli.

couple hugging under an arcade during wedding photo service in Venice
After the wedding ceremony, I escorted the couple for an informal walk in the less known areas of Venice and made a few romantic  portraits.

Last but not least, they decided to treat themselves with both a  wedding photo service and an informal photo walk in the streets of Venice. Therefore after capturing their joy and light nervousness while getting ready at AD Place hotel and attending the wedding ceremony, I captured their ever more relaxed happiness while escorting them in less known areas of Venice for a few couple portraits in several romantic spots.

couple standing next to lagoon during wedding photo service
At the end of the day we made a few couple photographs with the background of the lagoon at sunset, capturing the couple’s relaxed happiness.

At the end of the day serene satisfaction was all you could see in their eyes. We completed our photo service with a few couple photographs at sunset with the background of the Venice lagoon …stress was over, style and love were still there!

couple hugging near Piazza San Marco during wedding photo reportage in Venice
The couple posed in some romantic spots of Venice for some intense couple photographs.

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