Love story in Rome: romantic portraits in the eternal city

couple walking near the Colisseum during honeymoon photo service in Rome
A young  couple enjoyed a honeymoon holiday in Rome and hired me for creating romantic  portraits.

Even if Venice is usually assumed to be the most romantic city in Italy, Rome is an excellent destination for a couple in love. With its many monuments, wide green areas and gorgeous city views from above, the city offers plenty of sceneries to enjoy magic moments with your sweetheart.

couple posing for photo portrait in Rome
The couple visited monuments, historical hallmarks and places with panoramic views on Rome where I could take some intense couple portraits.

And magic moments are worth to be captured in ever-lasting couple portraits able to portray intense passion and happiness for all the years to come.

couple kiss during honeymoon photo session in Rome
They enjoyed some relax in Villa Borghese Park and I could capture their joy in my couple photographs.

Mariah had the chance to get to know my photo services thanks to an acquaintance of her, who had hired me for a honeymoon photo session in Venice.

Feeling that my style could match her wishes, she booked a  honeymoon photo service in Rome during her holidays with her husband.

couple kiss in Villa Borghese during honeymoon photo service in Rome
Some intense couple portraits were taken in the shadows of Villa Borghese park.

Making the most of a beautiful sunny day, we walked along the streets of Rome downtown, visiting historical landmarks such as the Colloseum and the Circo Massimo, strolling in the Trastevere ancient district and relaxing in the green peacefulness of Villa Borghese gardens.

couple holding hands during honeymoon photo service in Rome
Strong joy and passion flowed from the couple’s gestures and movements.

Careless happiness and strong passion were flowing from the couple’s eyes and movements and it was quite easy for me to make several romantic photographs with the gorgeous background of Rome.

couple eating ice cream during honeymoon photo service
The couple enjoyed strolling in Rome downtown balancing the visit of historical monuments and pleasant breaks.

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