Capturing a 10 year long love : luxury portraits

couple hugging in front of lagoon during anniversary photo service Venice
Mature, fulfilled love and romantic Venice at dawn: what else for perfect anniversary photos?

Needless to say, Venice is a perfect place for weddings and honeymoons, as you can well see from my wedding and honeymoon photo services. Nevertheless, thanks to its renowned beauty and uniqueness it also perfectly matches other kinds of romantic visits.

couple sitting in San Marco SQuare for couple photos in Venice at dawn
Piazza San Marco at dawn: perfect privacy to start an anniversary photo session

A couple who had married in the city ten years earlier, chose to travel back to Venice by the famous Orient-express train, enjoy a short, passionate holiday in Venice and treat themselves with an anniversary photo service. This gave them the chance to taste both old, sweet memories and present feelings, while seeing again the places that were the background of their first days of common life.

ouple hugging during anniversary photo shooting in Venice
When the sky started to peep behind the clouds, the couple’s spirits got even higher and their couple portraits turned even brighter

Even if in both cases the couple lived happy moments, this second visit had a different taste. During their honeymoon they could enjoy the special atmosphere of being “just-married” and looked at the future with full confidence. During their last visit, instead, they were able to taste the joy of a more mature, fulfilled love, finally experiencing the future they had dreamt of.

couple kissing during couple photo service in Venice
Beside Piazza San Marco, the couple explored many less-known romantic spots and monuments, walls, channels and alleys played second fiddles to the lovely couple

That is why they organized a special day for themselves: they experienced an anniversary photo session, had a romantic walk in the city and enjoyed a water taxi ride. Everything was well organized, in a very intimate and luxurious style.

They got up very early to ensure some very beautiful couple photographs at dawn in the desert San Marco Square. They could rest in the empty chairs of the bars, walk in the middle of the square, kiss and hug in perfect privacy, with a gorgeous view on the lagoon which was just waking up.

couple kiss next to well during romantic couple photo session in Venice
Secret, hidden spots in Venice for intimate, intense couple portraits

The sun soon started to peep out from behind the clouds, providing a perfect light for bright, enchanting couple portraits that well show the couple’s passionate feelings and perfect happiness. While walking carelessly along alleys and squares, they found many less-known spots which proved romantic enough for a few more intense couple photos, while the nearby monuments, brick walls, channels and even their own interlaced shadows on the walls seemed to work perfect side characters of an enchanting love story.

couple walking during anniversary photo session in Venice
The couple enjoyed a careless romantic walk in Venice which was promptly captured in romantic photos

When the sun finally shone in the sky in all its splendor, the couple was already sitting in the water taxi, their eyes admiring the beauty of the lagoon and their hearts dreaming of 10 more, loving years.

couple on a water taxi during couple photo service in Venice
A water taxi ride to complete a perfect anniversary day in Venice!

What about you? What would be your perfect 10-year anniversary?

Have a look at other examples of my anniversary photo sessions or contact me for your own wedding or honeymoon reportages in Venice.

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