The Secret Beauty of an Intimate Wedding Photo Service

bride and groom exchanging rings during wedding photo service in Venice
Intimate was the wedding of this Irish couple, with a kind of secret, delicate beauty in every detail.

Photos of wedding ceremonies and banquets with many guests can be extremely lively and moving, as they portray tender family feelings and emotions shared by many people.

On the other hand, photos of an intimate wedding have a kind of secret, delicate charm: they show the beauty of a couple’s love enjoyed in quietness and privacy, focus on the groom’s and bride’s passion, and highlight their own distinctive traits and unique reactions.

bride getting reday during wedding photo service in Venice
Elegance was the theme of the day: elegant interiors, elegant outfits, elegant accessories and details …and elegant wedding photos!

This was, for instance, the case of an Irish couple who chose Venice as the destination for their civil wedding and me as their wedding photographer. The two of them wanted to have a very intimate and elegant wedding and this set the tone for every detail of the day. They got ready at Residenza Goldoni, “a small charming inn” as the hotel’s sign reads and definitely a proper, elegant background for the first beautiful photographs of both bride and groom.

The bride looked especially charming (and even sexy, I would say) with her long gown (which nevertheless left her shoulder back almost naked) enriched with white flowers and decorations and a nice, small hat veil covering half of her face. The groom was very elegant as well, in his blue outfit , sporting a pink rose in its breast-pocket to match the bride’s bouquet.

couple laughing while walking during wedding reportage in Venice
On their way to the venue for civil weddings, the couple was overexcited and gave full rein to their happiness: perfect conditions for passionate couple portraits!

They left the hotel and walked to Palazzo Cavalli, the home for civil weddings in Venice, with beaming smiles on their face, which gave the chance for some very intense couple photos. The ceremony was simple, attended only by two witnesses and the civil official, and nonetheless intense. The bride and groom were had not to worry about guests and could concentrate on each other and fully enjoy the moment. The photos show their excited, yet not nervous, expressions and their pure, passionate joy.

bride signing during civil wedding photo servcie in Venice
Few guests and strong emotions: the intimacy of the wedding ceremony allowed the couple to indulge in their own excitement and joy to the full!

Once the ceremony was over, they seemed to relax and completely surrender to their feelings of happiness and love: they had a romantic gondola tour, drank a glass of wine a local bar and carelessly walked along the streets of Venice, discovering some nice, less-known spots. This was the right time to make a few more, intense couple portraits with the gorgeous background of Venice.

bride and groom kiss during wedding reportage in Venice
After the ceremony, happiness and passion were not over and set the tone for the following gondola tour and walk in the streets of Venice

A few last pictures of this wedding reportage show the couple back at the hotel, walking towards their room, with the groom lifting the bride up in his arms and letting us imagine what followed next

What about you? Do you prefer intimate or well-attended weddings?

bride and groom at hotel during wedding photo session in Venice
The wedding reportage ended in the same place were it had started: a few more passionate couple photos at the hotel before leaving them alone

In any case, you might be interested in having a look at further examples of my wedding photo services in Venice.


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