Shiny happy wedding proposal in Venice

couple smiling during surprise wedding proposal photo session in Venice
Blue skies, warm sun and the beauty of Venice worked wonders for a very shining couple!

A wedding proposal photo service is usually a reportage of intense joy. In most cases proposals are delivered as a surprise to the would be bride which, more often than not, causes an amazed yet passionate reaction. Therefore, no matter what the weather is like, joy will in any case pour out of the sky as a thunder out of the blue.

Nonetheless, what happened to a couple that hired me for a surprise proposal photo service in Venice is still impressive.

couple play during wedding proposal photo service in Venice
The wedding proposal photo services began with a few informal couple portraits from an hidden location

First of all, the weather was gorgeous: a sunny winter day in Venice with a perfect light. That kind of light so loved by the Russian poet Joseph Brodsky, able to enhance the beauty of Venice and its visitors, mix the color of the sky with that of outfits and palaces, intoxicating you with sea reflections and boost people’s feelings to the highest level. The would-be husband could not wish more than that as a perfect backdrop for his proposal.

would-be husband delivers wedding proposal during surprise engagement photo service in Venice
The proposal was a delivered with a gorgeous background and perfect surroundings

But even more amazing than that was the perfect harmony between the couple’s mood and the whole surrounding. Everything was shining: the sun was shining, the sea waves were shining, the colors of buildings, boats and objects were shining and the couple was shining themselves. The girl was especially joyful and even felt like dancing and playing once the couple arrived on San Giorgio island. She was delighted by the great view on the lagoon and San Marco Square and the would-be husband was shining out of his love for her and the joy for her happiness.

couple kissing in watertaxi during surprise engagement photo session in Venice
couple kissing in watertaxi during surprise engagement photo session in Venice

When he fell down on his knees to propose, it looked like as if he was surrounded by strategic allies: the sun, the sea, the view and the beauty of Venice. And joy seemed to fill the air when the proposal was delivered as the sun was continuing to warm up the whole scene and enhance the surrounding colors.

couple walking during surprise proposal photo session in Venice
The surprise proposal photo session ended with a romantic walk in the streets of Venice and some more intense couple photos at sunset

Once the proposal was properly delivered and accepted, the couple treated themselves with a ride on a water taxi and a short photo walk in Venice. They went on smiling, kissing, hugging, jumping, playing and, above all, they went on shining!!

This gave the proposal photographer the chance to make a few more very romantic, intense couple portraits in Venice: the whole city seemed to smile along this happy shiny couple and share their joy…

Have a look at further examples of my wedding proposal photographs in Venice or contact me for your own surprise proposal photo service.

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