Proposing on her birthday: surprise proposal photograpy in Venice

couple kiss in front of lagoon during engagement photo session in Venice
A very happy ending for the special surprise wedding proposal organized by a creative young gentleman in Venice.

Most of the would-be husbands spend a lot of time and energy in finding out the best way to propose to their beloved. They want the proposal to take place in a beautiful surrounding, with a romantic atmosphere and, why not, a professional engagement photographer capturing it.

At the same time they want it to be a real surprise for the girl and have things happen smoothly and successfully, just as if it were by chance. They do not want their plan to be discovered in advance.

Well, this is not so easy. Would be husbands get easily nervous and a special atmosphere might well put the girl in alert and make her guess what is going on.

Sanjee, a young gentlemen that lately hired me for a surprise wedding proposal photo service, had a very smart idea to overcome this problem.

lady at make-up during surprise wedding proposal photo service
A make-up session at the hotel let Kiran relax and enjoy her birthday from the very beginning

He decided to propose the very day of his girlfriend’s birthday. He invited her to spend a few days in Venice and arranged a couple photo session to keep special memories of the day.

Beautiful Kiran was delighted with this present and did not suspect anything. She could relax and fully enjoy the photo service which started a proper make-up session at the hotel with the professional make-up artist Ilaria Giani.

couple walking during wedding proposal photo service in Venice
A careless walk to enjoy the beauty of Venice and make a few romantic couple portrais..what a nice pretext to start a surprise wedding proposal!

They hit the road and walked carelessly along the channels and across the bridges of Venice, stopping from time to time to kiss and hug. This gave me the chance to capturing their love and excitement in romantic couple portraits with a beautiful background.

couple drinking in wine bar during wedding proposal photo session in venice
A sip of wine to pluck up one’s courage and the surprise proposal can take place!

They also enjoyed a break in a local wine bar which helped Kiran to relax even further and Sanjee to pluck up his courage before the final act of the show. We went on walking and I quite naturally led them to Punta della Dogana, a special place with an amazing view on the lagoon.

As Sanjee and I had carefully planned in advance, this was the most suitable moment for the proposal: he went down on his knees and proposed to his beloved just as the sky on the lagoon was starting to wear the colors of sunset. Mission accomplished: Kiran was struck by surprise and overjoyed!

wedding proposal in venice captured by professional engagement photographer
The beauty of the lagoon, strong passion and an engagement photographer nearby: perfect ingredients for an amazing wedding proposal!

After a few romantic photos of the proposal, I had the chance to portray the special feelings of happiness and fulfillment that appeared on the couple’s faces.

As Sanjee stopped on the Academia bridge and pointed to something far away on the lagoon, I had the impression he was showing Kiran what they could expect from their future life together: a mixture of blue skies and clouds always softened by their tender feelings…what an unforgettable present for Kira’s birthday!

Strong feelings and hope for a bright future: this is what the couple shared at the end of this special wedding proposal.

What about you? What is the wedding proposal you dream about?

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