Red gown and soft light for romantic pre-wedding photos in Venice

couple walking during pre wedding photo session in Venice
Soft light, quiet surroundings and the beauty of Venice: what else for a perfect pre-wedding photo service for a young and passionate couple?


Sometimes a pre-wedding photographer might be very lucky. That’s when many different elements “conspire” to help you. This was the case as I went out for a pre-wedding photo service in Venice with a young would-be-married couple.

couple walking hand in hand during pre wedding photo reportage in Venice
A nice, relaxing walk through some secret spots in Venice and the couple’s passion was immediately there to see: perfect conditions for romantic couple portraits!

Everything was perfect: the weather was gorgeous, the surroundings we were walking in absolutely beautiful, the couple very elegant and very in love. And, last but not least, since the pre-wedding session started in the afternoon, the light got softer and softer as the time went by, adding a touch of gentleness and romanticism to the whole frame.

couple joking during pre wedding photo session in Venice
Love, high spirits and privacy: nothing else is needed for perfect prewedding photos!

We started walking in the district of Venice where their hotel was located. I lead them to less known and peaceful spots where they could feel relaxed and at ease, exploring the beauty of the city while spontaneously expressing their passion by kissing and hugging.

couple standing during pre wedding photo service in Venice
Secret spots in Venice for a couple in search of beauty….and for intense couple photos!

The bride was wearing a conspicuous yet very elegant red gown which immediately caught the eyes. She had a very refined and gracious way to move and behave which was well matched by her would-be-husband’s manners. At the same time they did not refrain to let their happiness and passion sincerely flow out of their hearts: they enjoyed running together, making jokes at each other, laughing together, looking into each other’s eyes, sitting down for a break and watch the surrounding scenery.

couple kissing at sunset during pre wedding photo session in Venice
As the sky got darker, we approached the lagoon to exploit the beauty of Venice at sunset for even more intense couple portraits!

The soft light seemed to embrace them, caress their skin and outfit with a gentle touch, and perfectly match the couple’s tenderness: prefect ingredients for intense couple photographs!

Little by little the sky became darker and street lamps were lightened. I lead them to some special spots where they could be photographed with the background of the lagoon, with glittering water, gondolas, and all the magic of Venice at sunset. As if they were moved by such a view, the couple looked like “melting” in a wonderful sea of beauty, love and joy

couple kissing in front of lagoon for prewedding photos in Venice
At sunset the couple’s beauty melted with the beauty of Venice…

Isn’t it what you would call a “perfect pre-wedding photo session”? What else would you add?

The couple even used these photos as souvenirs for their guests at their wedding…a special creative present which well caught their happiness and passion at a unique time of their life.

Have a look at further examples of my romantic couple portraits in Venice or contact me for your own wedding or pre-wedding photo reportage.

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