Let’s sail away and get married: wedding proposal in Venice

couple hug during wedding proposal photo reportage in Venice
Tim’s proposal in Venice was a real success..thanks to his love, Venice’s beauty and a hidden engagement photographer!

Every couple getting to Venice has its own story: a unique mix of feelings, unforgettable moments spent together, sweet souvenirs and common passions. Tim and his girlfriend love sailing, boats and water. No wonder he chose Venice as setting for his wedding proposal. The Venetian lagoon crossed by modern and traditional boats was a perfect background for their love and his promise of a future life together.

couple kiss during wedding proposal photo service in Venice
Boat were the icing on the cake for Tim’s proposal!

He contacted me in advance to arrange a proper surprise wedding proposal in Venice and we planned together a strategy to get the best result during the couple’s short stay in the city. First of all we decided to start the proposal photo session early in the afternoon in order to have the couple enjoy the warm sun of March and use its soft light to create some very romantic couple portraits with Venice in the background.

couple look at the lagoon during surprise proposal photo service in Venice
One more surprise was waiting for Tim’s girlfriend while she was admiring the lagoon…

Tim lead his beautiful girl to San Giorgio island, a beautiful spot in the lagoon with a breathtaking view of San Marco Square. There he soon felt down to his knees and proposed to the girl who was struck by surprise and overjoyed. As I had suggested in advance, they then took the chance to walk a bit on the island and enjoy the view of the sailing boats harbored there.

couple hug on water taxi during surprise engagement photo session in Venice
A water taxi was ready to offer a tour of the lagoon to this high-spirited couple.

But one more surprise was waiting for Tim’s girlfriend: a water taxi had been booked in advance and was ready to drive them away for a short tour of the lagoon. The sunlight, the couple’s strong feelings, and the wonderful scenery helped to make a few more intense couple photographs capturing the girl’s excitement and Tim’s happiness.

couple walk during engagement photo session in venice
A walk in Venice gave us the chance for a few more romantic couple portraits…

After landing in Venice, I accompanied the couple for a walk in the city. They enjoyed discovering some less known spots, where they stopped to kiss, smile, and hug. When we finally reached San Marco Square, the sky was turning dark and I could catch the couple’s passion in a few more intense couple portraits at sunset.

couple hug at Piazza San marco during wedding proposal reportage in Venice
A few more couple pictures in Piazza San Marco at sunset completed this intense photo reportage…and a very intense day for such a passionate couple!

Tim and his engagement photographer’s plan worked very well and everything seemed to perfectly fit the couple’s desires and mood…a perfect way to start sailing together for a lifelong adventure, isn’t it?

What about you? What would you suggest for an ideal wedding proposal?

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