An intimate autumn wedding photo service in Venice

Autumn and rain worked just as a beautiful frame for this couple choosing to marry in Venice surrounded by a few relatives and many elegant details
Autumn and rain worked just as a beautiful frame for this couple choosing to marry in Venice surrounded by a few relatives and many elegant details

Autumn rain is pouring over Venice these days and calls to mind several passionate photo services I made for couples that chose to marry in the city during this season and were able to make love shine over the clouds.

One of them was a very elegant couple that planned an intimate wedding: just two couples of relatives and the wedding photographer in charge to capture the magic of the day attended the ceremony. This gave them the opportunity to savor each moment of the day without any kind of stress or hurry, focusing only on their feeling and the uniqueness of the event.


flowers for bride and groom at wedding photo service venice
A few elegant details for a very refined couple

Even if they chose a very simple schedule and style for their special day, this made the wedding not the less elegant and exciting. All the details were shining with beauty and good taste: red and white roses for the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s jacket; a red tie for the groom; red umbrellas to protect them from the rain; a simple yet elegant beige wedding gown for the bride; a few refined jewels in her refined hairstyle and on her dress…

bride and groom walk under the rain during wedding reportage in Venice
Smiling and exchanging loving glances under the rain…

The couple enjoyed every single moment of the day, starting from the preparations in their hotel room, the meeting with their relatives in the lobby and the walk under the rain to Palazzo Cavalli, Venice’s venue for civil weddings. They never stopped smiling at each other, with their faces glowing with joy and love. They paid no attention to the rain, treating it as if it was a guest at their wedding.

couple kiss during civil wedding photo session in Venice
Passion and excitement just for two…and for a few dear relatives

They made the most of their relatives’ presence, exchanging gentle gestures and looks with them as if they were the natural, beautiful frame of their strong passion. Needless to say, this gave the chance for some tender family wedding portraits during the walk, the ceremony and the celebrations.

couple kiss during autumn wedding photo service in Venice
Let’s hide and kiss in one of the many romantic secrete spots that Venice can offer a loving couple!

Once the ceremony was over the couple walked by themselves in the nearby areas and was captured in a few very romantic couple photographs with the background of famous Venetian spots, like the Rialto bridge, or some less-known porticos, alleys and squares. Their intense glances, kisses and hugs were enough to make you forget about the rain as well, and feel warmed by such passionate feelings and perfect harmony.

bride and groom kiss during intimate wedding photo service in Venice
A final toast and the wedding is over. Life shared as a couple has just begun…

What about you? Would you go for an intimate wedding in Venice?

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