Photo walk with kids: love in 4 dimensions

photo walk with kids in Venice
Jumping, laughing and discovering Venice with a photo walk with kids

As a wedding and portrait photographer I often deal with couples, capturing their love against the wonderful backdrop of Venice. Since they are usually living a special experience in a joyful moment of their life, my couple photographs are usually as intimate and passionate as the couple they portray.
When a couple with 2 kids hired me for a photo walk in Venice, I first imagined that a different kind of photos would be the result of my work. But I was wrong.

family photo walk with kids in Venice
2 adults, 2 kids and an infinite choice of family photos with a special background

Sure, we had to respect the kids’ times and needs. It was not the usual “just you and me” story. But each family member looked so closely bonded to the others that I had the feeling I was capturing love as I usually do….but it was love in 4 dimensions!

family portrait in Venice
Bridges, channels, brick walls and a lot of family love: just a few ingredients for a perfect photo walk

Each family member enjoyed its own special relationship with the others, which was made of care and deep feelings. This is why the portraits of that summerish walk look as intimate and intense as the photos of a just-married couple.

parents and kids portraits in Venice
4 family members and plenty of interactions for beautiful intense photos

The couple also had the chance to pose for a few photographs by themselves: some romantic portraits with the lagoon and Venice as background. But I am quite sure they feel happy and proud with the remaining photos as well: intense souvenirs of magic moments of their family history which they can cherish for all the years to come…

couple portrait in Venice
A few intimate couple photos to get some romantic souvenirs from Venice

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