Beginning a bright life together: engagement photos in Venice

would-be bride smiles during engagement photo service in Venice
Venice was shining and so was this just-engaged couple who wanted to capture one of the most special moments of their life

Just-engaged couples seem to shine. It might be the expectation of a bright future ahead or just the sweet taste of beginning together a new chapter of their life, they always carry a special light with them. Sometimes they are able to light up a grey autumn day, sometimes they seem to shine together with the surrounding environment. Engagement photographers make the most of this unique situation.

engaged couple walking during photo walk in Venice
Just an informal walk in the alleys and squares of Venice for a very excited just-engaged couple.

The latter was just the case of a couple who hired me for an engagement photo service in Venice on a warm September day. The two of them wanted to capture this special moment of their history without making it too formal.


couple sitting during engagement photo walk in Venice
Quiet surroundings and the beauty of Venice for a deeply in-love couple.

That’s why we went for a walk in some of the less famous areas of the city. They looked relaxed and at ease but, as you can see in the photos of this session, some kind of “confident excitement” was in the air. Their happiness and confidence in a bright future was clear and became a precious ally to get romantic photos with the background of Venice.

couple sitting during engagement photo session in Venice
Walking and let the engagement photographer capture passion and joy!

While walking in silent alleys and along peaceful channels, their attention became less focused on the beauty of the city and their love for each other was on the spotlight: that’s how we got some very intense couple photographs in perfect privacy.

couple kissing during engagement photo walk in Venice
A passionate kiss hidden from everyone..except the photographer!

Later we reached San Marco Square and the lagoon. The sun was shining, the water  too, and so was the engaged couple: that was the brightest moment of the engagement photo session! The couple’s joy, strong passion and confidence in a happy future are all there, in the pictures…a very bright start for the couple’s life-long project.

couple admiring San Marco SQuare during engagement photo service in Venice
San Marco Square: the apex of a photo walk in Venice!

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