Beginning a bright life together: engagement photos in Venice

would-be bride smiles during engagement photo service in Venice
Venice was shining and so was this just-engaged couple who wanted to capture one of the most special moments of their life

Just-engaged couples seem to shine. It might be the expectation of a bright future ahead or just the sweet taste of beginning together a new chapter of their life, they always carry a special light with them. Sometimes they are able to light up a grey autumn day, sometimes they seem to shine together with the surrounding environment. Engagement photographers make the most of this unique situation.

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Engagement session: capturing the day after

couple at breakfast during engagement photo session in Venice
A photo session the day after an engagement captures the couple’s serene happiness, full of hope and confident love.

Working as a professional engagement photographer, I am often hired to capture the moment the would-be husband propose to the lady and her reaction. Lately I was  asked to photograph a ‘just-engaged’ couple: the man choose a private moment of their holiday in Venice to deliver his proposal and reserved an engagement photo portrait on the day after.

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