Just (happily) engaged: engagement photos in Venice

couple hugging during engagement photo session
Passion, excitement and great expectations for a just-engaged couple

Is happiness a matter of a few, magic moments or is it rather a life-long blessing? When meeting this young, passionate couple, that hired me for an engagement photo service in Venice, I had the impression it could be both at the same time.

The wedding proposal had been delivered the day before and , thanks God, accepted. Therefore, I could only imagine the future bride struck with surprise and the would be husband first struggling against his nerves and, later on, overwhelmed with excitement, as it is usually the case in surprise wedding proposals.

couple walks during engagement photo sessions in Venice
Let’s get wedding…and let’s start walking in Venice

However, from the minute we started our romantic photo walk along the streets and squares of Venice till the very end of it, they seemed to burst with excitement, passion and a real, deep, at times intoxicating joy.

Sure, they must still have been under the shocking effect of the great news and seemed, now and then, unable to fully believe it yet: they went on throwing huge smiles at each other, laughing and looking at the ring as if they needed to remind themselves that no, they were not dreaming.

just-engaged couple looking at ring during engagement photo service
Am I dreaming or not? There is the ring…it must be true!

At the same time, as they went on hugging, kissing and making jokes in a very easy-going mood: they just seemed to enjoy each other’s company, leaving free reins to their feelings, cherishing the beloved’s happiness.

couple hugging during engagement photo session in Venice
Laughing, kissing, hugging..never ending excitement and happiness for this just engaged couple

Their joy was not the fruit of a special day or night: it was well grounded in their mutual love, solid relationship and strong belief in a common future.

A special, exciting day in a life-long joyful story: that’s what I was asked to capture in romantic, intense couple photographs with the background of Venice…do you think I was up to the task?

couple standing near an arch during engagement photo service in Venice
A look at the future ahead with full confidence in each other..the solid basis for a never-ending love story.

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