Their big British-Italian wedding in Venice: a photo reportage

bride and groom in water taxi and guests on a brige during wedding photo reportage in Venice
Passion and joy for the bride and the groom, excitement for everyone. This is what you can expect from a wedding with many guests.

Some couples choose Venice as their destination of their wedding and make it a very intimate event, almost escaping (or postponing) the celebrations with relatives.

Other couples really enjoy sharing the magic and excitement of this special day with their dear ones. This was the case of Matt and Sarah, a British-Italian couple that lately chose me as their wedding photographer.

bride getting reday duringw edding photo service in Venice
Smiles and tender support set the tune of the day from the very beginning: the bride shared with friends the excitement of getting ready for the ceremony.

They invited plenty of guests to Venice and shaped their wedding day according to two keywords: SHARING and FUN! That is why the photos of their wedding service look especially lively and intense.

Sara, a charming dark-haired and tanned-skin Italian girl, was all smiles and dashing eyes all the day long. Even if she was the real star of the day, she made it everyone’s party.

bride and father kiss during wedding photo reportage in Venice
A few moments with her father for the bride, before mixing again with a crowd of guests.

She got ready with a few dear friends (including a lovely and elegant young girl) at the hotel, before walking with them in her gorgeous attire and a long train along the alleys of Venice. She warmly returned all the guests’ wishes and expressions of joy. She looked sincerely and fully amazed by everything going on…just like a child enjoying one present after the other! She caressed the young girl, toasted glasses with guests, tenderly hug her father and even challenged the photographer with daring poses.

guests waiting for bride during wedding photo service in Venice
A crowd of guests was waiting for the bride, which added a touch of colour and happiness to her arrival at the Church.

A water taxi took her and her retinue to the church where plenty of friends were waiting for the bride holding posters with pictures of the couple and funny slogans. Sara went off the taxi and greeted everyone, including the priest, with the same excited and joyful expression. Matt was waiting near the altar and the ceremony could start. Even if it was full of intense moments and deep feelings, there was nevertheless plenty of space for smiling, laughing and sharing fun with all the guests, true to Matt’s and Sarah’s forms.

bride smiling in Church during wedding photo session in Venice
No way for Sara to hide her happiness and eagerness when waiting for the groom….spontaneity itself!

Once the couple went out of the church, there were lots of hugs, smiles and kisses between the groom, the bride and all the guests. Again, this was perfect time for beautiful wedding group photos. But even the posed photos were enlivened and colored by something, be it the posters prepared by the guests or the funny masks they chose to wear at some point.

bride smiling duringw edding photo session in Venice
The ceremony was full of romanticism and funny moments as well.

Then the groom and the bride enjoyed some moments of perfect privacy with a water taxy driving them to some beautiful spots in the lagoon. This helped me to make some romantic wedding portraits with the background of Venice and capture the couple’s strong passion and deep feelings…even if they did not completely give up making jokes and playing with each other as they seem to like so much!

wedding group photo in Venice
No fear of getting bored even with wedding group photos with such a lively couple and creative guests!

When they reached the restaurant, there was still plenty of time for sharing their excitement with the others, toasting, drinking, listening to their friends’ and relatives’ wishful speeches, dancing and playing all together till late night.

couple kissing during wedding photo session in Venice
Some moments of privacy for a few romantic couple portraits with the background of Venice

A perfect start for a couple so in love with each other, with life itself and so strongly supported by many people. Everything makes us believe that they will be able to deal with all the future challenges in the same way: just smiling and sharing!

What about you? Would you rather chose an intimate or a group wedding?

Have a look at further examples of my wedding photography in Venice or contact me for your own wedding reportage.

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