A blue-boothed procession: elegant wedding photos despite high water

groom and best man during wedding photo service in venice with high water
Blue booths for the groom, the best man and most of the guests for a special bridal procession in Venice

“Sposa bagnata, sposa fortuna”: a rain-wet bride will enjoy a lucky life, so goes an Italian old way of saying. A bride that lately hired me for her wedding photo service in Venice was definitely a lucky one, despite the rain and high water of a grey Venetian day.

groom and best man walking on high water during wedding reportage in Venice
High water turned from uninvited guest into a special decoration for a creative and joyful wedding in Venice

She was definitely lucky because all the people surrounding her (the groom, the relatives and all the guests) seemed almost not to notice these unfavorable weather conditions, or treated them as funny contributions to a gorgeous wedding party.  They enjoyed every moment of the day with plenty of excitement, high spirits, elegance, and humor, giving me the chance to make some creative, beautiful wedding photos with the special background of Venice.

bride and groom on Palazzo Cavalli's terrace after wedding ceremony in Venice
Thousand smiles for this passionate couple that got married in Palazzo Cavalli in Venice

The preparations of bride and groom began at their hotel hosted by Palazzo Madonnina, with the bridesmaid, the best man and close friends offering a helping passionate hand. Then a funny yet elegant bride procession moved to a bank near Rialto to take a rented water taxi: the gentlemen and most of the ladies wore some kinds of blue plastic booths on their legs to protect their feet and legs from high-water. All of them almost seemed to welcome the most uninvited guest: high water

The taxi drove the procession to Palazzo Cavalli, Venice’s official venue for civil weddings, and the wedding hall was soon filled with the same excitement and joy. No wonder, therefore, that the wedding ceremony was the ideal time to make intense couple portraits and capture passionate looks, excited faces and special gestures all over the attendees.

Once the ceremony was over, the bridal procession, with an increased amount of blue (and even pink) booths, was ready to move again, and walked along the wet Venetian alleys to reach a boat waiting for driving them to Burano island.

bridal procession in Burano during wedding reportage in Venice
The coloured houses of Burano Island were perfect background for creative group portraits

Here, the typical colored houses, some shy sun rays, and the relaxed mood of everyone turned out to be essential ingredients for beautiful group and couple portraits, while the guests were enjoying the visit of such a special place in the Venetian lagoon.

bride and groom hugging in front of lagoon during wedding photo session in Venice
At the end of the wedding day there was time for some intense couple portarits with the romantic background of Venice lagoon

And, finally, came the newly wed’s turn: the water taxi took them to some special spots in the lagoon to enjoy some privacy and be captured in a few more romantic wedding photos with the background of Venice. The right end for such an intense, exciting day with love shining over rain and high-water.

Have a look at some more examples of my wedding photographs in Venice or contact me for your own wedding photo service.

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