A very blue honeymoon photo session in Venice

couple kiss during honeymoon photo session in Venice
Blue shades all over the landscape for this romantic honeymoon photo service in Venice


Every couple has its own colors. They are clear in their outfit, as much as in their mood. A young couple that lately hired me as a professional honeymoon photographer was definitely light-blue and black. They chose these colors for their elegant attire for the honeymoon photo service in Venice and the whole city’s landscape seemed to perfectly match them, with different shades harmoniously mixing all together…

couple looking at San Giorgio Island during honeymoon portrait in Venice
A look at the lagoon from S. Marco Square: and the blue honeymoon session just began!

We started the couple portraits in San Marco Square: the palaces’ white facades provided a perfect counterpart to the couple’s elegance and the nearby light-blue lagoon was almost “calling” the bride’s light-blue dress.

couple resting on church stairs during hoenymoon photo session in Venice
Ancient churches, silent squares and narrow alleys: this what Venice had to offer this couple during their romantic honeymoon photo session

Later they strolled carelessly in the city, exploring narrow alleys and less-known small squares. They enjoyed several colored signs of the charming Venetian spring as a “waterfall” of violet wisteria just above their heads.

Then they set off for a romantic gondola tour at sunset and the gondola colors’ perfectly matched their outfits: black were the traditional Venetian boat’s side, seats, and cushions, while the couple’s feet were resting on a soft light-blue floor.

After spending some time in the “Giardini” gardens alongside the lagoon and posing for a few more romantic (and even humorous) couple portraits, the couple finally sat down to rest for a while and enjoyed the lagoon’s view at sunset. A deep and very “blue” quietness  seemed to fall upon them and their light-blue and black outfits perfectly blended with the surrounding environment, the peaceful lagoon, and the pleasant spring air…..perfect ingredients for enchanting honeymoon photos!

What are your couple ‘s colors? What is your idea of a perfect honeymoon photo portrait?

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