A blue-boothed procession: elegant wedding photos despite high water

groom and best man during wedding photo service in venice with high water
Blue booths for the groom, the best man and most of the guests for a special bridal procession in Venice

“Sposa bagnata, sposa fortuna”: a rain-wet bride will enjoy a lucky life, so goes an Italian old way of saying. A bride that lately hired me for her wedding photo service in Venice was definitely a lucky one, despite the rain and high water of a grey Venetian day.

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The mirroring effect in the puddles along the alleys might help the photographer to get nice photo portraits in Venice

In most cases, no matter where you are going to shoot your photo portraits, sun and fine weather are strategic allies to get beautiful shots.

This is of course true as for Venice. Sunny weather can help professional portrait photographers getting great shots making the most of light or focusing, for instance, on water and sunset.

Nevertheless, I experienced several cases where rainy days were also useful to get original and impressive shots. For instance, rainy days offer the photographer the chance to make the most of the rain puddles’ mirroring effect.

Beside, rainy weather adds a touch of romanticism to the city, which it is especially helpful for a couple portrait photographer hired for wedding and honeymoon photo services.

Rain might add special charme to a photo potrait in Venice

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Rain adds to Venice’s romantic atmosphere