From Russia to Venice to get a bride: surprise engagement photos

would-be husband proposes in Venice during engagement photo session
Nikolai’s wedding proposal in Venice was an amazing surprise for his girlfriend and was captured in high-quality romantic engagement photos

Nikolai, a young Russian gentleman, lately organized a weekend trip to Venice with his girlfriend. The girl was quite happy to spend a few days in a such a marvelous city , wandering along small alleys near channels, crossing old bridges and ancient squares. But Nikolai had something else in mind.

view on san Giorgio island for engagement photo session in Venice
The couple sailed across the Venetian lagoon to reach a small island with a gorgeous view on the city.

He proposed the girl to sail the Venetian lagoon to reach a small island. Once they got there, they stopped for a while to enjoy the view. They were looking at Venice from the lagoon, admiring San Marco Square and the nearby palaces when, suddenly, Nikolai fell down on his knees and proposed the girl to marry him. She was struck by surprise and passionately kissed and hugged him for a while.

Russian guy proposing to girlfriend during surprise engagement photo service
Nikolai made the most of the wonderful landscape to propose to her girlfriend: her amazement and joy were well portrayed in the engagement photos.

But the surprise was not yet over: Nikolai introduced to her the professional engagement photographer who, in the meanwhile, had captured the wedding proposal. Indeed, as the would-be husband wanted to keep great memories of these special moments, he had made sure that the girl’s amazement and joy were caught in photographs that will last forever.

couple kissing in alley during engagement photo session in Venice
After the proposal the couple carelessly walked along Venice’s alleys: a great chance to make a few more romantic couple portraits.

The couple then decided to make the most of their high spirits and the beautiful Venetian surroundings to make a few more couple portraits in the city. They walked carelessly along the square, hid under arcades to kiss and hug, sat down to rest for a while…and all these moments were ideal chances to capture their passion and happiness in romantic photographs with beautiful backgrounds.

would-be bride drinks wine during engagement photo session in venice
The couple stopped in a wine bar for a while toasting at their life together.

They also stopped in a wine shop to enjoy a glass of wine and, perhaps helped by the wine itself, their faces were glowing with amazement, joy and deep love, which all look quite evident in their couple portraits.

couple in wine bar during e-session in Venice
The couple’s high spirits were captured in intense couple photographs.

Then they walked a little longer and, as it was starting raining, a red umbrella was opened above their heads..a nice colorful touch to intense couple photographs and a great symbol of passion withstanding all weather conditions!

couple walking under umbrella during e-session in Venice
The e-session ended with a short walk under the rain: a red umbrella protected the couple well matching their strong passion!

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