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  • From Russia to Venice to get a bride: surprise engagement photos

    Nikolai, a young Russian gentleman, lately organized a weekend trip to Venice with his girlfriend. The girl was quite happy to spend a few days in a such a marvelous city , wandering along small alleys near channels, crossing old bridges and ancient squares. But Nikolai had something else in mind.

  • Honeymoon photographs in Venice: playing with shadows

    Beautiful Anastasia and her “brand-new” husband came to Venice for a short vacation and hired me as honeymoon photographer. We began the photo walk  in the afternoon and headed to some of the many  romantic spots of the city to make some intense couple photo portraits.

  • Accomodation in Venice: luxury hotel, hostel or apartment?

    Accomodation in Venice: luxury hotel, hostel or apartment?

    As you might well imagine, Venice is no ideal city for cheap accommodation. If you want to enjoy the privilege of being awaken by the typical Venetian morning noises (made up of gondolieri’s voices, boats’ and ferries’ motors, people’s shouts, and so on) and with a nice view on the Canal Grande from your bedroom’s […]

  • The proper pair of shoes for a perfect photo shooting in Venice

    Most of the tourists visiting Venice are well aware of it: to enjoy a nice tour of the city, you should not forget a pair of comfortable shoes. Since Venice is no place for cars, anyone visiting it is almost doomed to walk along many alleys and through lots of arcades, going up and down […]

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