Accomodation in Venice: luxury hotel, hostel or apartment?

Russian girl standing in front of a hotel during a honeymoon photo shooting in Venice
There are many high-level hotels in Venice which are chosen by most of the couples hiring me as a wedding, engagement or honeymoon photographer.

As you might well imagine, Venice is no ideal city for cheap accommodation. If you want to enjoy the privilege of being awaken by the typical Venetian morning noises (made up of gondolieri’s voices, boats’ and ferries’ motors, people’s shouts, and so on) and with a nice view on the Canal Grande from your bedroom’s window you must be ready to pay for it.

Greek groom getting ready for an elopment photo service in Venice
I had the opportunity to shoot many photographs in the rooms of Venetian hotels while the bride and the groom where getting ready during my wedding photo services.
Asian couple danicing in a hotel during a pre-wedding photo shooting in Venice
The interiors of some luxury hotels in Venice offer ideal backgrounds for nice couple photographs.

Venice actually offers very high-level accommodation in ancient palaces which combine architectural beauty with comfortable rooms, luxurious fittings and reliable services. One of the most famous top-class hotels is the Hotel Danieli, located on Riva degli Schiavoni, very close to San Marco Square. The hotel, which boasts famous guests such as Goethe, Wagner and Dickens, encloses three buildings dating back to the 14th, 19th and 20th centuries and a gorgeous terrace where you can enjoy an unforgettable dinner with gorgeous view.

Asian couple getting ready for a pre-wedding photo service in Venice
Many couples hiring me as a pre-wedding, wedding, engagement or honeymoon photographer in Venice choose to get ready in their hotel’s bedroom.

Among the luxury hotels you also find the Bauer Hotel and the Saturnia Hotel, both just a few minute walk from San Marco Square and offering private water dock for gondola or water taxi.

Most of the couples that hire me as engagement, wedding, or honeymoon photo services choose to treat themselves with a comfortable stay in a high-level hotel in order to make their short stay in Venice in such special occasion really unforgettable. This also gives me the chance to shoot them in luxurious interiors: for instance when they get ready for the couple photo service in their rooms or simply enjoy some rest in the lobby or other common rooms fitted with elegant pieces of furniture and decorations.

Asian couple standing on a terrace during a pre-wedding photo service in Venice
Several Venetian hotels also offer nice terraces with view on the Canal Grande which gave me the chance to make some nice couple photographs during pre-wedding photo shootings.

In case you are looking for cheaper accommodations I would suggest you look for smaller hotels which are located a bit far from San Marco Square, such as the Alloggi Barbaria hotel, located near Fondamenta Nuove.

You might also consider sleeping at a hostel such as the one at in the Giudecca island or at the Santa Fosca school which turns into a hostel during the summer season.

If you are going to stay longer than a few days, you might also consider to rent an apartment in Venice.

American couple hugging during a vow renewal photo shooting in Venice
Luxury Venetian hotels offer nice lobby and common areas with elegant fittings which are ideal settings for wedding or vow renewal photo services

Sleeping in Mestre, Marghera or Lido and taking the first morning train or bus to Venice is one more option for cheap accommodation..but I would definitely recommend to experience at least one night and one morning awakening in Venice!

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