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  • Accomodation in Venice: luxury hotel, hostel or apartment?

    Accomodation in Venice: luxury hotel, hostel or apartment?

    As you might well imagine, Venice is no ideal city for cheap accommodation. If you want to enjoy the privilege of being awaken by the typical Venetian morning noises (made up of gondolieri’s voices, boats’ and ferries’ motors, people’s shouts, and so on) and with a nice view on the Canal Grande from your bedroom’s […]

  • Gondola tours in Venice: when, where, how, why and…how much?

    If you ever spent a few days in Venice, either for your wedding, honeymoon or holiday, you might choose to treat yourself with something very typical of this magic city: a gondolatour on the channels. In this article you find a historical introduction and some practical advice for couples wanting to enjoy this kind of experience. The […]

  • A Colorful Photo Portray in Venice: Shooting a Jewish Couple in Traditional Attire

    One of the most exciting thing about working as a photographer for couple photo portraits, honeymoon, wedding and engagement services in Venice is that it gives me the chance to work for different kinds of clients, coming from different countries and sharing different cultures. It was a real pleasure to hired by Irina and Simon, […]

  • Amazing Couple Portrait In Venice: How To Get The Most Intense Shots

    One of the most common situation during a couple photo service is that the couple do not feel at ease posing in front of the camera. This is mostly due to the fact that they decided to have a photo portrait for their wedding, honeymoon, or holiday in Venice and this is perhaps their first […]

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