Asian couple drinking coffee during a pre-wedding photo shooting in Venice
Venice hosts many cafés where tourists can stop for a break while visiting the city or during a photo shooting, as it was the case for this Asian couple enjoying a pre-wedding photo service.

There are many places where you can enjoy a break during your visit in Venice, or during a photo service (be it an engagement, wedding or honeymoon photo shooting): the city has many cafés, bars or restaurants where you can drink or eat at any hour of the day and most of the night.

For instance, in one of my favorite “campi” (squares) in Venice, Campo Santa Margherita, you can sit under the shadows of the trees or rest at the outdoor tables of many cafés (the most famous and traditional of all is the Caffè Rosso with a red sign at the entrance) and pizza houses where it is especially pleasant to eat in summertime. At night the square is the meeting point for university students; during the day it is often crowded with tourists and Venetian people sipping the famous “spritz” cocktail. Spritz is made of white wine, sparkling water and liqueur such as Aperol, Campari or Select and served with a thin slice of orange and an olive. At any time of the day and of the night you will find glasses of orange-colored spritz enlivening the alleys, squares and corners of Venice.

Russian couple sitting in a square during a honeymoon photo service in Venice
Santa Margherita square is a nice place to rest during a honeymoon photo shooting: it hosts many cafés and restaurants where you can sip a “spritz” cocktail or eat pizza or Venetian traditional dishes.

I would definitely recommend to experience the atmosphere of a real Venetian “bàcaro”: the bacari are traditional places serving simple foods and wine. Many of them are located in the narrow alleys near the Rialto bridge or in the Cannareggio district but you can find a bàcaro in almost every corner of the city. They sport their delicious snacks in the windows: appetizers made with eggs, fried fish, olives, rice, onions, cheese, meatballs, etc. Venetian people usually taste these simple snacks while sipping an “ombra”, a glass of wine. Some bàcari also serve traditional Venetian dishes such as bìgoli in salsa (a kind of thick spaghetti noodles with onion and fish) or sarde in saór (fried fish with onion, wine and vinegar).

American family enjoyinga  break during a vow renewal photo shooting in Venice.
I often suggest to stop in a bàcaro (traditional Venetian wine bar) for a drink during my wedding, honeymoon or vow-renewal photo services in Venice.

If you want to enjoy a real crazy night in Venice, you can experience a “bacarata”, a kind of wine-tasting tour, enjoying a glass of wine and a snack at each stop and the view of Venice at night while you walk from one bàcaro to the other…are you ready for that?

For further examples of photo shootings in Venice see my website.

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