Just you and me: a romantic honeymoon portrait session for a just-married couple

cuple kisisng during couple portrait session in Venice
A just-married couple enjoying their shining in their happiness and passion.

A young charming couple lately got married and celebrated the wedding in their hometown surrounded by loving relatives and friends. Then they left for their honeymoon  and visited Venice: here they decided to celebrate again their life-long union in a much more intimate and romantic way.

couple walking during honeymoon photo service venice
A photo session can be  a relaxing and amusing way to explore the less known spots of Venice.

They wanted their happiness and confidence in a bright future together to be captured in high-quality images that will last forever. They wanted their mutual love to be in the spotlight in romantic couple portraits with a gorgeous background. They wanted to enjoy a pleasant and very intimate afternoon by carelessly walking along the alleys of Venice, crossing bridges and resting alongside channels or in the middle of a square and keep great memories of these special moments of their story.

couple hugging during honeymoon photo session in Venice
Thanks to the intimate atmosphere, the couple felt at ease and their passion and happiness were captured in romantic photographs.

This is why they again wore their wedding garments and treated themselves with a honeymoon photo service with a professional photographer. They had the chance to be leaded to less-known spots in Venice where they could enjoy the city’s beauty in a very intimate atmosphere. This helped a lot to make the couple feel relaxed and definitely much more at ease than during the wedding photo session.

couple watching lagoon during couple portrait session in Venice
After walking for a while across bridges and squares, the couple stopped to enjoy the view of the lagoon…a nice chance to capture them with a gorgeous background.

As a result, their passion and joy spontaneously flow from their faces and gestures and the photographer captured their feelings and unique experience in marvelous surroundings. They smiled at each other, kissed on bridges, hid under arcades to hug, made funny poses and jokes at each other, stopped to admire landscape with glowing faces and high spirits..

couple on gondola during honeymoon portrait session
Bride and groom being at ease enough to make jokes at each other and enjoy the photo experience without worrying too much about the honeymoon photographer’s presence.

They also treated themselves with a gondola tour and walked along the lagoon wearing traditional Carnival masks, which gave the chance for a few more beautiful couple photographs in a romantic setting. A nice way to begin their life together which will be cherished for a long time…

couple hugging next to lagoon during honeymoon photo service in Venice
The soft light of a clear Venetian evening helped a lot to make a few more intense couple portraits.

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