Just you and me: a romantic honeymoon portrait session for a just-married couple

cuple kisisng during couple portrait session in Venice
A just-married couple enjoying their shining in their happiness and passion.

A young charming couple lately got married and celebrated the wedding in their hometown surrounded by loving relatives and friends. Then they left for their honeymoon  and visited Venice: here they decided to celebrate again their life-long union in a much more intimate and romantic way.

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Smart souvenirs of your photo session: inspiration boards

Using the photographs from a wedding service I created a nice board that can be used as present for the wedding’s participants

Inspiration boards used to be (and still are) real boards made of cork or other materials, filled with photographs, scratches of newspapers and pieces of fabrics, that hang up on a rooms’ walls.

They were mostly used by creative professionals  to better collect ideas and materials and create a kind of visual description of the project they were working on.  

They soon became well appreciated not only for their usefulness, but also as beautiful “pieces of furniture”.

Nowadays everyone can create his or her own inspiration board with his or her most beloved pictures and hang it on a wall or display it on the computer’s desktop to enjoy its beauty every now and then.

destination wedding photo session inspiration board
I created one more inspiration board using shots from a recent destination wedding in Venice

I lately devised a few inspiration boards with photographs shot during my photo services, being them engagement, wedding, honeymoon photo shootings or portraits.

I guess they might be well appreciated by my clients as souvenirs of their own photo sessions or else offered as a present to relatives or friends.

inspiration board for honeymoon photo service
This inspiration board was created with shots from a recent honeymoon photo service

By the way what do you think of these inspiration boards?

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