Engagement photos at sunrise in Venice: capturing the dawn of a marriage

couple hugging during engagement photo session in Venice dawn
A young couple from Brasil did an engagement photo session at sunrise: the chance to capture the dawn of their life together!

Some couples like to have beautiful images of their wedding proposal.

They find this moment is something exceptional, worth to be remembered in the years to come and captured in high-quality photographs. That’s why they like to book a professional surprise engagement photographer’s services: his images will always remind them of the excited amazement and bursting joy that filled their hearts at that time.

Other couples prefer a more intimate, private atmosphere for the proposal but they still want to keep great memories of such a key step in a couple’s life. That’s why they arrange an engagement photo service the day after the proposal, appointing a photographer the task to capture their more relaxed but still shining happiness.


couple walking during engagement photo service at dawn in Venice
Our e-session began with a careless walk in Piazza San Marco bathing in the light of sunrise.

The latter was the case of Pablo and Rebecca a couple living in Brasil spending a short holiday in Venice. Pablo delivered his proposal in a beautiful park in the city, Rebecca accepted and their joy and confidence in a happy life together was still clear in their eyes the day after when we met for an engagement photo service at dawn.

couple hugging in a alley during e-session in Venice
The couple walked in the area near San Marco square. Their relaxed joy and confident expectations of a future life together gave the chance to make intense couple photographs.

As they were lodging at Best Windows hotel, we spent some time in the nearby San Marco Square to make the most of the view from their window at this time when the square was exceptionally empty. Pablo and Rebecca walked hand in hand, stopped to admire the Venetian lagoon with interchanging clouds and sun, kissed and posed under Palazzo Ducale’s portico and sat down to rest around a table feeling as if the square was their own private living-room ..at least for a while!

couple hugging during e-session in Venice
Several couple portraits were taken with the background of Venice’s romantic spots

Then we walked in the nearby districts of Venice and the couple enjoyed the view of channels, bridges and squares. Their high spirits helped me a lot to make several romantic couple portraits with the background of picturesque spots.

couple's faces in engagement photograph in Venice
When sitting on the same bench where the proposal was made, the couple’s expressions revealed their intense feelings ..captured in romantic photographs!

As we reached the park where the wedding proposal was delivered, the two of them sat down on the same bench and their face’s expressions and gestures revealed they were feeling again the same way as the day before. Such glooming faces and moved eyes were captured in a few more intense couple photographs which made their proposal unforgettable.

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