A (photo) tale of two cities…and one love (and beautiful photographs)

couple hugging in Florence during engagement photo session
This couple had both Florence and Venice as background for their love story in two special moments

As young and in-love Josh planned a trip to Italy with his girlfriend, he decided to make the most of the enchanting settings they would visit to turn the trip into a romantic play with a happy ending.  He kept his decision for himself and properly organized a breath-taking surprise.

couple hugging during engagement photo service in Florence
Josh delivered his wedding proposal surrounded by a wonderful view of Florence from the terrace of the hotel “La Vedetta” and his girlfriend was amazed with joy

Once they got to Florence, they enjoyed the local attractions and were comfortable accommodated in a beautiful hotel which offered a great view of the city from the top of a hill. Josh proposed to enjoy the view at dawn, and the girl gladly agreed. Once they were out in the hotel’s quiet garden, they admired the sight of the pink-colored sky, the green hills, the monuments and…the happiness of being together surrounded by perfect beauty. Josh decided this was the perfect moment to deliver his surprise: he fall down on his knees and asked the girl to marry him.

couple kissing during surprise wedding proposal photo service in Florence
After the wedding proposal the couple went on hugging and kissing while a professional engagement photographer was capturing these special moments

Needless to say, she was struck by joy and amazement , and her answer was clear from the following moments: the two of them went on kissing and hugging for some time.

But the surprise was not really over since Josh had thought about a way to catch these moments forever: a professional engagement photographer had carefully captured the wedding proposal, the girl’s reaction and the couple’s passion in intense photographs that will last forever.

couple hugging during photo walk in Florence
After the proposal the couple enjoyed a short photo walk in Florence: a nice chance to make a few more intense couple portraits

Once the over excitement was over, Josh and his would-be wife also enjoyed a short photo walk in Florence: while carelessly walking in the streets, the couple’s excitement and joy was the main focus of a few more passionate couple portraits taken in some of the city’s most picturesque spots.

couple sitting on starirs during engagement photo service in Venice
The couple also enjoyed a short engagement photo session in Venice with the photograph capturing their serene, confident passion.

But that was not all for the couple: a few days later, the same photographer could capture their more serene, confident happiness during an engagement photo service in Venice.

As they were walking alongside channels, squares and bridges, they often stopped to hug, kiss, or just admire the city’s beauty: this gave the chance for further romantic couple photographs with marvelous backgrounds, that will remind them of precious, unforgettable moments.

couple hugging during engagement photo session in Venice
The engagement session was the chance for a few more romantic couple photographs with a gorgeous background

Two enchanting cities hosted two people’s deep love..what about yours?

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