Civil wedding reportage in Venice: one-day long party

couple kissing during wedding photo service
This young couple enjoyed a great wedding day in Venice

A young couple lately chose Venice as the location for their wedding and enjoyed a  special day in this city together with their guests… and a special wedding reportage!

groom kisses bride during wedding reportage in Venice
A water taxi allowed to reach the venue for civil wedding by Gran Canal.

The bride and groom met in the area of Santa Lucia railway station and the photographs of this moment capture them rejoicing at the sight of one another in a refined attire and with eyes shining with passion. Then they left, together with their guests, by water taxi to reach Palazzo Cavalli, the main venue for civil weddings in Venice.

couple attending wedding ceremony during wedding reportage in Venice
The ceremony was simple yet very intense and the wedding photographs show the couple and the guest’s excitement and joy

On their way to the palace, they enjoyed a perfect view of Rialto bridge and were cheerfully greeted by tourists. Once they get at the place, there was still some waiting time: the couple’s and the guests’ excitement almost filled the air and was clear in their expressions which were captured in the wedding photographs . The ceremony was simple jet very intense and the final kiss made the tension immediately flow away from all attendees’ faces and hearts.

just-married couple in Palazzo Cavalli during wedding photo service in Venice
The newly wed was captured on the balcony after the ceremony.

After a few photographs on the palace’s balcony, they left their guests for a while to enjoy a romantic photo walk in Venice. They spontaneously hug and kiss along the alleys, next to the channels and on the bridges which gave the chance for a few more intense couple portraits. The bride, who works as a wet, even stopped to play with a passing-by puppy and they enjoyed a glass of wine in a bar. These photographs well show their relaxed happiness and serene confidence in a bright future.

couple hugging in Venetian alley during wedding reportage in Venice
After the ceremony the couple enjoyed a walk along the streets of Venice which gave the chance for a few more intense couple portraits.

The couple then joined back their guests at the Hotel Monaco that offers a great view on the Venetian lagoon and had a nice banquet at this place. Their guests’ happiness was like a warm embrace for the couple and they all cheerfully toasted at the new family’s life-long union.

new wed drink wine during wedding photo service in Venice
The couple stopped in a local wine bar for a glass of wine

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