Colorful wedding photos for a November ceremony in Venice

This passionate managed to turn a wedding ceremony in November into a colorful experience
This passionate couple managed to turn a wedding ceremony in November into a colorful experience

The majority of weddings in Venice occurs in spring or summer .

As already mentioned in this blog, Venice is indeed a gorgeous background for couple portraits in winter too.
Autumn is apparently the less appealing season for couples visiting and getting married in Venice but those who are brave enough to take the challenge might get nice surprises.
This was a case of a seemingly very normal photo session that  turned out to be outstanding.



couple getting preapred for civil wedding during wedding photo service in Venice
The couple enjoyed very much the make-up and dressing preparations and wore very original and elegant outfits which showed their strong bond and passion.


A last check from the make up artist Lisa


Since the very first moment they were spreading passionate energy all around them which made them and  everything around them resonated with their feelings. The passion they had for each other was clear in their smiles, gestures and behaviour which at any time showed their very positive personalities.

couple walking with umbrellas during wedding photo session in Venice
The couple did not fear the rain at all and challenged the bad weather with umbrellas perfectly matching their outfits and elegance: a touch of colour in a November day in Venice

This was already clear when they get dressed and ready for the wedding ceremony.

The groom wore a black garment with a red tie and a red rose in his front pocket. Seen together, the two of them looked marvellous with their outfits (including  one red umbrella for her and a black one for him) mirroring their strong passion and mutual understanding.

couple kisisng during wedding photo service in venice
The ceremony was quite intimate yet very intense with guests wearing outfits and details matching the couple’s style and sharing their excitement.

This is the feeling that came to everybody’s mind when looking at the couple heading to the civil wedding venue in Palazzo Cavalli under the November rain.

But rain was no problem at all to them and to their guests: it was clear that their love and strong bond was able to withstand bad weather and any kind of obstacle on that day and on every day of their future life.

This is the reason several creative and colorful portaits hat captured those moments.
The ceremony was simple and intimate yet very intense. Their guests were few yet deeply moved and shared  the couple’s excitement which gave the chance for very intense wedding photographs.

couple hugging under rain during wedding photo session in Venice in November
The couple challenged the rain and got photographed with the original background of a Venice soaking in high water

After the ceremony was over, the couple tightly hug for a while, stopped to enjoy the view of Canal Grande and Rialto Bridge from the terrace, then left for a romantic walk in Venice. And even if it was raining, the walk turned out to be very romantic indeed, as can be seen in their couple portraits in Piazza San Marco.

The couple hug and kissed in the middle of the flooded San Marco square or getting photographed under arcades, only caring about each other as if the sun was shining above their head or their love was protecting them like a super umbrella!

couple kiss under umbrella in San Marco during wedding photo session in venice
The couple’s colors and feelings were even able to warm a half-flooded San Marco Square in intense and romantic couple portraits

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