Wedding photos with children: a love portrait … with its fruits!

children takes picture of couple kissing during wedding photo servcie in venice
Romantic wedding portraits and intense family pictures: feelings are the main ingredients of a wedding reportage with children!

A wedding photo service captures a couple’s love at its apex and is full of romantic, intense couple photographs.
Wedding photos with children, on the other hand, focus on a mature kind of love…with its fruits already there ! That is why pictures of this kind turn out to be very touching.

bride get prepared during wedding photo reportage with children
The couple’s daughters observed their parents’ preparation at the hotel and made this moment especially lively and amusing!

Children are ‘responsible’ for a marvellous transformation: celebrating a couple’s love turn into a family party and the little ones end up to be main actors of the portraits as  much as their parents.
This was also the case of Andreana’s and Enrico’s wedding reportage which was enlivened and, I would say, even ‘enlightened’ by their two lovely daughters.

bride groom and daughters at Palazzo cavalli for civil wedding photo service in venice
At Palazzo Cavalli, the venue for civil wedding in Venice, the daughters were the best bridesmaids ever!

The couple chose Venice as the background for their love promise and their photo portraits are doubtlessly ‘decorated’ by the city’s unique beauty. But what really made their wedding photos stand out was the children’s presence in all the moments of the day.

bride signs during wedding photo service with children in Venice
The children’s presence turned a love promise into a family agreement:-)

They curiously observed the bride’s make-up (which was made by Marcela Bantea) at the hotel; escorted their parents to Palazzo Cavalli (the historical palace hosting wedding civil ceremonies in Venice) on a gondola; attended the wedding ceremony as special bridesmaids; enjoyed the banquet at Al Remer restaurant, a walk in Venice,  and a watertaxi  tour in the evening.

bride and groom hug during civil wedding photo service in Venice
The background of the Canal Grande and Rialto bridge for the first picture of a just-married couple in Venice

Their parents let them interact during all these moments and the wedding photos capture the family’s harmony and the strong feelings bonding them. This why some group photographs  turn out to very intense and moving: they portray a fulfilled kind of love in a special day.

bride and groom kiss during wedding photo session in venice
A watertaxi tour provided the chance for an amusing experience for the children and some romantic couple portraits for their parents.

Nevertheless the wedding reportage left some room for romantic couple portraits with the background of the lagoon or charming spots in Venice.

kid portrait during wedding reportage in venice
A wedding day drew to a close leaving intense family pictures behind…

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